MI & JE Enterprises Co. Ltd offer a one time fabulous discount for their flagship Annekt, Toucan Style, GPS or Cell Phone Car Mount.

MI & JE Enterprises Co Ltd is pleased to advise the launching of its Summer Sale. Products are found on Amazon.com.

Summer in full swing and holidays started or still in the pipeline.  The idea of long haul road travel to arrive to the desired holiday destination may be daunting but MI & JE Enterprises have come up with a product that can make this trip a little easier.     

MI & JE Enterprises Co Ltd is the promoter of the flagship Annekt Toucan Style, Innovative, GPS or Cell Phone Car Mount or Cradle which can be attached on practically any smooth surface either horizontally or vertically;  handy for both dashboard or windshield use.    It is very simply attached, no tools needed, by removing the sticker at the base of the suction cup and activating the lock catch.  It is made of strong ABS and has a clamp that widens up to hold 6-inch big iphone.  It rotates 360 degrees for portrait or landscape views.   It does not have any magnetic field which may interfere with any electronic device in the car and it is one of the strongest  car mounts found in the market today.

The scope of such a gadget is clear and obvious however a few pointers here remind oneself that handling a cell phone, whilst driving is dangerous for the driver, passengers and all others whom  the driver comes across on the road.   The electronic device will be fixed within eye view  and the driver need not take his eyes from the road or hands from the steering wheel.  It also means that the cell or GPS will be located firmly in one point and will not fall during transit whilst user starts rummaging to find it beneath seats which is even more dangerous.

The mount is also very convenient for use with a GPS device.

One must however always check the local regulations within the state where the gadget will be used to ensure that it is acceptable.

The following are customer reviews which show the worthiness of such a product

This is a great gadget. Easy to use and apply with strong sucker and grip, fully rotational for wide visibility. Makes hands free so much easier and a superb replacement for magnetic hold. No slips. Highly recommended.

This mount is awesome! It is very versatile. It can be placed on the dashboard or the window, which is great. It is also compatible with all phones on the market now, as it has a huge clip the place your phone on it. It looks great and is easier to use than a lot of the other mounts I have used because the clip makes it really easy to put your phone on and take it off. Great mount at a great price! Highly recommended!

It’s very lightweight and has a sturdy, good grip on the bottom that stands firmly onto my dashboard very well! My cellphone fits perfectly and it holds my device very well without snapping off or fallen out. Great quality of product. Love it.

I really like this phone mount for the car. The clip is very flexible and can easily hold my iphone 6S Plus. Also, it’s big enough to hold a GPS. The clip is easy to put on. The sticky mount is secured and can easily be removed with the suction release tab. I can rotate my phone vertically or horizontally and can tighten the hinge to secure it. I really love this product, and would definitely recommend it. You won’t be disappointed. 

The price of the item is  on sale at USD 4.99 on Amazon.com

Offers are only  limited until stocks last.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Escq9nRQBoM

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