Stratis Releases Tokens Following Crowdsale Success

UK blockchain company Stratis released its ICO tokens to investors today. Some 915 bitcoins were pledged in support of Stratis, a blockchain development platform offering customisable blockchains to businesses. Stratis tokens or STRAT will be the means of payment for Stratis’ Blockchain-as-a-service.

We’ve had great support from our investors, who appreciate that the tools we are building will meet some very fundamental business needs. There is a clear market developing for low-cost, ready-made blockchain solutions and Stratis platform is specifically designed to deliver on that.
Chris Trew, CEO, Stratis

Blockchain is a tamper-resistant system for storing and updating information of almost any kind. It has huge potential to bring competitive advantage to a wide range of organisations, from financial services to retail and government. Users will be able to customise their own private chains, choosing from a range of variables like block time, space, or size. Private chains will then be secured on the Stratis ‘parent’ chain and STRAT can be moved between the parent chain and child chains via a two-way peg.

Stratis’ one-click blockchain solutions will enable businesses to discover the possibilities of this transformative technology quickly and easily. The platform enables rapid prototyping so that users can explore and identify how the technology addresses their specific needs, whilst taking advantage of the cost savings and security that the network provides. The Stratis team are experts in the field and will offer consultancy to help users take full advantage of the technology, extending to the use of other major blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and LISK, which can be run in parallel to Stratis.

Our vision here at Stratis has always been to enable more people to discover the utility of blockchains. We can’t yet know all the wonderful ways that blockchains will help businesses to compete but our blockchain-as-a-service will lower overheads and facilitate faster, easier onboarding, helping more people do more with the technology.
Chris Trew, CEO. Stratis

The design of Stratis is unique. It will be built from a full Bitcoin node in C# .Net creating a solid foundation for the service, a missing feature in private chain projects to date. Choosing to develop in C#, an alternative to Bitcoin’s C++ and a more popular programming language for business applications, will benefit the industry as a whole. Stratis are pleased to have the expertise of Bitcoin Core contributor and NBitcoin author Nicolas Dorier on the team. Dorier will lead the full node development, scheduled to be completed this year.

STRAT is expected to be available on exchanges shortly.


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