Green Security®, a U.S. Organization, has Certified Zphere Work’s Sustainable Agriculture & Biofuel Project in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

CANCUN, MEXICO – 11 Aug, 2016 – Zphere Work’s “Monarca Project”, a new sustainable Agriculture & Biofuel project in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, has been certified by Green Security®, a forward thinking U.S. organization that is focused on strategic Energy, Water and Food Sustainability as a means to support Global Security. The Monarca Project will soon be started by Zphere Works and Turf Feeding Systems, to produce 30 million gallons of certified Green Jet fuel in Mexico and will implement the highest standards of Sustainability.

Clean energy is the “Holy Grail” for the future of energy. President Obama and the leaders of Canada and Mexico signed a pledge at the 2016 Ottawa Summit, to supply 50% clean energy by 2025.

Jack Katz, the CEO of Zphere Works a Mexico City company states, “The Ottawa Summit pledge is an ambitious goal; however we have the plan and our Monarca Project will produce and supply 30 million gallons of Green aviation grade fuel for Mexico’s aviation industry within 36 months.

Katz says, “However, the Monarca Project is more than just about fuel. It encompasses the three most important issues facing the world – Energy, Water and Food, as well as regional social and economic issues of the sustainability”.

Katz continues, “This project will be the most efficient large scale Jatropha plantation, and it will be on the cutting edge utilizing new high yield sustainable agriculture practices brought to the project by Michael Chaplinsky, the president of Turf Feeding Systems. It will also be vertically integrated with its own high quality refinery to produce and supply clean sustainable fuel locally. This will be true sustainability from the plant to finished shipped BioFuel on the same location.”

Michael Chaplinsky states, “We will create the first truly sustainable agriculture project in the world using 50% less water, 60% less fertilizer and chemicals while producing 50% to 100% more Jatropha fruit production from any hybrid plants”.

Chaplinsky continues, “Sustainability combines economics, social benefits as well as environmental values, and sadly most use it only as an advertising slogan. Few really have the means or the desire to correctly implement sustainability into a project to achieve the values and benefits they state, and most project owners only want to make money.”

Katz states, “For those reasons we have turned to Green Security® and its network of experts, to help us achieve the level of standard set by Green Security to achieve high reaching goals and values that are of global importance.”

James P. Flynn, founder of Green Security® asserts that there is a fundamental, symbiotic and indivisible relationship between the self-sustainability of basic resources and matters of National, Regional and Global Security, e.g., Food, Water & Energy; issues which permeate all aspects of social, economic and political spheres on a global scale, and help insure the sustained survival of our basic unalienable rights.


Flynn states, “We will encourage and support initiatives such as the Monarca Project, which represent a major paradigm shift in global sustainability that is critical to matters of long term security”.

Chaplinsky adds, “Sustainability also includes social, cultural and economic elements, which is the foundation of the Monarca Project. For the first time we will have a project certification for the sustainability of our work. Most just claim it in their web site of in their literature.

Katz states, “We are now well positioned launch the Monarca Project to create one for the most efficient BioJet fuel projects that will follow the critical sustainability values that are in line with Green Security®. We welcome Green Security® as a valued team member.”

Contact Information

Jack Katz, CEO – Zphere Works, S. de R.L. de C.V., a Mexican Limited Liability Company – Cerrada Manchester 13, floor 3 – Mexico City, 06600

Michael Chaplinsky, President – Turf Feeding Systems, Inc. Houston, Texas – USA
+1 713.849.9040


Mr. Jack Katz is the CEO of Zphere Works, S. de R.L. de C.V headquartered in Mexico City. Mr. Katz has been in the waste to energy business for over 10 years. His background has been focused on integrating government agencies with solutions in waste and environmental issues. He has brought together teams of designs and implementers to structure and install systems that address municipal waste and water quality. Mr. Katz has just launched a municipal waste to energy project for Cancun.

Michael Chaplinsky is the President of Turf Feeding Systems a world leading company in fertigation, headquartered in Houston, Texas. Mr. Chaplinsky has developed new technologies integrating fertigation, new irrigation technologies and special soil treatments to reduce irrigation water up to 50%, reduce fertilizer and chemicals 60% while increasing crop production as much as 50%. Mr. Chaplinsky works and speaks at many agriculture conferences worldwide. He is a world expert in Soil Restoration, Water Efficiency and Sodium Issues in water and soil. He developed a new sustainable agriculture program that restores poor soil and produces higher crop production, while reducing water, fertilizer and chemicals. He states, “The world population has passed 7 billion and will pass 9 billion by 2050; however tillable productive farmland in the world is diminishing. My mission is to restore damaged farmland not bulldoze native forests to increase farmland.”

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