Affordable Concrete Resurfacing Services Now Available for Homeowners in Sydney, Australia

Cecil Hills, NSWConcrete resurfacing services are not cheap. This explains why Royal Concrete Resurfacing, an Australian-based company, has decided to offer them at affordable rates. The company recently announced the rates that give homeowners in Sydney, Australia the chance to resurface the concrete surfaces on their properties at affordable prices. The new rates can support homeowners who plan to spend less on their home improvement projects. The rates have not affected the uncompromised standards that have made the company a household name.

George Sarkis of Royal Concrete Resurfacing says, “It’s unfortunate to see homeowners in Sydney paying for concrete resurfacing services through their nose. From the beginning, our goal was to extend these services to all owners of residential and commercial properties in the city at affordable rates. Over the years, we have tried not to deviate from this original goal. We are pleased to inform our clients that we have remained true to our goal, thus making it easier for them to pay less for these services by paying for them from us.”

The company, which is reachable at, promises to continue offering uncompromised standards in terms of quality, excellence and craftsmanship. The team of contractors the company has employed has not lowered the bar in affordability, aesthetics and performance. The contractors have played a massive role in transforming the concrete resurfacing industry in New South Wales. Concrete resurfacing costs around 10 times more than the normal resurfacing.

The high costs have to do with the fact that it requires a lot of skilled labor to apply a thin coat of concrete on top of any existing concrete surface. The resurfacing has to be topnotch for the new concrete to bind with the old. Otherwise, the new concrete will begin crumbling off, thus making a driveway or patio look worse than it ever did before. The new concrete that Royal Concrete Resurfacing applies contains some special bonding agents without which it would be impossible to guarantee long lasting results.

With the announcement of the affordable concrete resurfacing, homeowners in Sydney no longer have to worry about paying between Australian $50 and $100 per square meter. Royal Concrete Resurfacing has made the project cheaper than before, thus allowing many homeowners to save money. Home improvement projects that involve resurfacing the concrete surfaces such as  a driveway or patio are also now much cheaper too.

Therefore, learn more by calling the company or sending emails and letters to the addresses shown below, or via Facebook and Google Plus.

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Company Name: Royal Concrete Resurfacing
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Address:6 Palace Court
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