Oilfreefrying.com Publishes The Best Air Fryer and Oil-less Fryer Review and Buying Guide for 2016

Dedicated review site oilfreefrying.com has published a buying guide on the best air fryers and oil-less fryers with the purpose of making it easier for customers to choose the one that meets their needs allowing them to fry their favorite foods without the extra calories.

The buying guide contains a review of the top 15 models of Air Fryers and Oil-less Fryers in the market but before doing so highlights the disadvantages of the traditional deep fryer. These include the fact that food cooked in deep fryers are soaked in large amounts of oil that add calories and fat to the fried foods, which makes them unhealthy. The Oil Free Frying site also highlights the dangers of house and restaurant fires often caused by oil from deep fryers.

Oil Free Frying then describes the major advantage of Air Fryers, which feature rapid hot air circulation technology that enables food to be cooked thoroughly and quickly without the need for oil. As a result, Air Fryers produce fried foods that are healthier with little or no fat.

Recognizing that the market became flooded with Air Fryers in response to increasingly health-conscious consumers, oilfreefrying.com compiled a list of the 15 best Air Fryers, which include brand names such as GoWise, Avalon, and Philips.

Each product review provides detailed descriptions of the Air Fryer’s cooking functions such as frying, roasting, baking and grilling; its components such as detachable baskets and open button guards; the Air Fryer’s temperature range (measured in Fahrenheit); its capacity (measured in lbs or quarts) and the choice of colours available. Every review ends with a testimonial by users of the product and a link to Amazon where the Air Fryer is sold. This allows readers to look at the price, access more customer reviews and order the product.

Oil Free Frying was set up to provide visitors with comprehensive reviews of different oil free air fryers that come into the market. Much of the site authors’ knowledge comes from their experience of the products. The site has expanded to also include tasty air fryer recipes. Interested readers can visit http://oilfreefrying.com to find out more. 

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