Samchundang Pharm, OTC eye drops for the first time in Korea entered the US market

Technology transfer and export contracts signed with the United States Breckenridge 社

Samchundang Pharm (NYSE whole school nights) announced that it has recently signed an agreement for technology transfer and export to the United States Breckenridge Pharmaceutical Inc. (BPI) and epi-sustaining or eye drops.

BPI 社, based in Florida, is a subsidiary of Spain second largest pharmaceutical company Esteve Group. Based on 2015 revenue of about 800 billion won, the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the past five years in the United States.
Samchundang constraints take the epitaxial technology transfer and Destin eye drops that are currently marketed in the US market BPI 社, the first domestic pharmaceutical company plans to be sterile eye drops cGMP certification from the US FDA.

According to the company, the reason BPI 社 selected in partnership with Samchundang constraints dwaeteumyeo export contracts sacraments case holds a variety of pipeline and EU GMP certification of eye drops, and establish a foothold in the US market through this agreement, the follow-up item consultations on export contracts are also actively underway.

Eye drops and the global market is 19 trillion formed (by 2015), a dual US market accounted for the most share in about 9 trillion.

Samchundang constraints were sterile eye drops obtained from the three EU GMP 2015 Korea’s first UK MHRA, to strengthen partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies will focus on developed countries to target overseas markets such as Europe, America, and Japan.

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