Shop’N Deliver to Save Precious Shopping Time with Concierge-style Grocery Delivery Straight from the Store

The new hyperlocal, on-demand grocery service lets customers shop at their favorite stores without having to step out

ALBERTA, Canada – If the old was about personally attending to every single detail, the new is about just clicking and getting things done. Grocery shopping has gone online in a big way, and yet the majority of the folks have to do that weekly trip or more to the stores. That’s about to change in Sherwood Park, Alberta and nearby localities, where Shop’N Deliver, a new start-up hyperlocal service, will let people do all the shopping from the comfort of home or office.

A recent survey revealed that an average shopper spent 46 minutes on average inside stores. That comes to 60 hours a year excluding traveling time, where an hour was estimated to be worth $56. Add to it impulse buying, especially at the check-out point, which accounts for over 60 percent of the shopping bill, and the old way of buying groceries appears dysfunctional in the new age.

Shop’N Deliver thus provides a convenient way to get all the shopping done, concierge-style, with tremendous savings in cost and time. A customer can place an order via phone, email or online form, specify their favorite stores and get the delivery straight from the grocery store either on the same or next business day. The highly personalized nature of the service means each order is individually executed, with options of coupons and discounts, and substitutions for products not found.

Shop’N Deliver currently serves Sherwood Park, Ardrossan and select communities in North and Southeast Edmonton, and outside areas with special rates. The website provides grocery shoppers with good resources such as shopping apps, flyers, online grocery lists and meal planners. An order can be cancelled three hours before the delivery time, and multiple stores can be specified. The online service can also be used to order meat, produce and fresh foods, with personal checks on expiration dates, nutrient values, or allergen warnings.

“Shop’N Deliver is second-to-none in its attention to detail where customer service is concerned and the fact that our clients enjoy freedom of choice in terms of the stores they prefer to be shopped at,” said Stephan Zeidler, Founder, Shop’N Deliver.

The service is registered with the Edmonton Senior Home Supports Program, and delivers frozen ‘Meals on Wheels’ for the Information & Volunteer Centre for Strathcona County.

About Shop’N Deliver

Based out of Sherwood Park, Canada, Shop’N Deliver is an online grocery delivery aid that provides a concierge-style order placement and delivery service. The service, available over phone, email or online, focuses on saving precious time and money through its highly personalized execution and delivery of grocery items.

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