Bring Magic inside Home with Moband: An Easy-to-use Motion Sensing Remote Control by iWave—Sophie Teng

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If you drop by your friends’ house and happen to see them turn on the air conditioning or TV without remote control using a “magic wand”, don’t you think they look like wizards? Don’t you think they are cool? Now you can also be a magician and own this Magic wand!

iWave has designed a motion sensing remote wand called Moband which can control all infrared home appliances like TV, DVD, and air conditioning. Only through a simple switch in the air and you are able to turn on/off, adjust volumes and all the functions that a remote control can do. Just like a magician!

The exquisite outlook of Moband provides users with a sense of nobility yet the magnesium alloy surface with sandblasting oxidation guaranteeing its endurance. More colors will be unveiled in the upcoming future!

Home Appliances Moband can control

Users can configure Moband within simple and convenient steps. Moband is preinstalled with a code library for almost all major brands of home appliances. When you press any button of your remote control, Moband will automatically identify the model of the appliance and the configuration is done with 10 default motions.

Moband allows you to define your own motion easily. Moband is equipped with 10 default motions, Moband enables users to customize their personal motion. For example, you can draw a heart shape in the air and set it to be your own way of turning on the TV. Custom motion can bring the users enjoyment of taking control of their own belongings. Within a few steps, your own magic is done!

Customized motion

More highlights can be found in Moband. It backs up data to the smartphones or Cloud via the app in your phone, which solves the problem of deleting data accidentally and keeps your data safely.

Moband is under secondary development which will include API. It will allows the users to control more devices via Bluetooth like musical instrument and robots.

Secondary development with API

Focusing on motion detection technology, iWave unveiled Moband, its first product on Kickstarter on August 8, 2016 with an aim to raise $60,000. Jump over to Kickstarter at: to order a magic wand from $129 for early bird backers with estimated delivery of December, 2016.

There are more to be discovered in Moband. For more information, follow Moband on FB ( and Twitter (

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