– The New Website for Social Worker Education Launched

New online portal aims to be the forefront provider of pertinent information for aspirants who wish to take online social work degrees or take the opportunity to become legitimate social workers through trusted traditional higher learning institutions. finally opens its online portal to help visitors, particularly those who wish to become social workers in the United States, find all the needed resources to get a social work degree and tips and opinions about social workers.

One of the main highlights of the website is its comprehensive list of educational institutions so they don’t have to go elsewhere or do this on their own. Some traditional institutions include Boston University, Columbia University School of Social Work, Fordham University, and University of Tennessee. For the online courses offered, include those coming from Catholic University of America, Texas State University and Humboldt State University among others.

“We believe that education somehow must be shared equally and freely so this website was formed to make it possible for this vision happens or at least the first few steps to make the search and guidance for aspiring social workers a bit lighter. Although focused more on providing list of social work colleges and course options, our website wishes to use this opportunity to further this goal,” quipped Susan Leanza, official representative of the company.

Some online articles discuss topics for social workers such as how they are differentiated from other helping professions such as psychologists, the many types of social workers, corresponding degrees one must take to become a professional licensed social worker, and even inspiring quotes one can take for added motivation.

They wish to also impart as well that all of the information listed in the website are only for educational purposes and must not be construed as any of the institutions approval or endorsement. is not affiliated with any of the institutions nor will the site be getting any form of remuneration in exchange for listing their schools, contact info and website links.

They promise to continue adding more schools and helpful articles in the future plus further tools and services that will help enhance the website further.

About Online Social Work Degree offers useful information for those who are keen to become a social worker. Readers can learn a lot from the frequently asked questions and check out the schools that provide social work courses. The website is not affiliated with any of the institutions or course providers and only wish for people who find the website helpful, to spread the good news and free educational tool so more people can be reached.

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