Fairfield County CT Financial Advisor Focuses on Helping Families with Special Needs

Patrick Doherty of Reby Advisors Becomes Chartered Special Needs Consultant™

Danbury, CT – Patrick Doherty, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Danbury-based Reby Advisors has earned the designation of Chartered Special Needs Consultant™ from the American College of Special Services. With more than a decade of experience in financial services, Doherty has spent the past year earning this credential as he seeks to help more families in the Fairfield County and Westchester County areas navigate the complex financial planning issues that arise with a wide range of special needs.

“The lack of good financial planning advice available for families with special needs is unfortunate,” Doherty said. “Families are so caught up in taking care of the individual with special needs, working to support the family and trying to create an environment that doesn’t diminish other members of the family, financial planning gets put on the back burner.”

“There’s a lot you can do financially for children and adults with special needs, but because people don’t know about it and nobody is advertising to address these specific problems, a lot of times people just end up doing the best they can without expert advice.”

According to a study of the 2010 U.S. Census, more than 2.8 million American children were reported to have a disability; some studies show nearly 1 in 5 adults have a disability of some kind as well. As a ChSNC™ designee with the prerequisite professional experience and coursework, Doherty is qualified to help parents and caregivers across the following areas:

• Unique tax deductions
• Healthcare planning
• Medicaid qualification
• Estate and legacy planning
• Special considerations

About Reby Advisors:

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