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How To Start And Operate A Luxury Pet Boarding Kennel For Cats: A Pet Oriented, Home Based, Career Change Or Retirement Business Opportunity

A new book has been launched on Amazon to help people understand and learn what is involved in running a successful boarding kennel for cats. How To Start And Operate A Luxury Boarding Kennel For Cats was written by Joseph Garvey who has many years experience of running a successful boarding kennel business.

Joseph Garvey decided to write the self-help book to help people achieve success and avoid the common mistakes that are made when building a boarding kennel for cats. Each year thousands of boarding kennels are started around the world, but only a small number of them become a success with many failing within the first 12 months. One of the biggest reasons behind the high failure rate is people not having the right knowledge and skills to run a successful boarding kennel. Joseph Garvey wants to help new kennel owners be successful and reduce the failures by offering his experience and guidance.

How To Start And Operate A Luxury Pet Boarding Kennel For Cats covers important topics on running a successful business, providing the reader with an experienced consultant to help guide new kennel owners from concept to a finished product.  Through these important lessons, a person looking to start up a new boarding kennel or running a kennel for cats will gain the knowledge and good practices to become a success.

The book includes: How to build a successful operation, the importance of location, license permits, insurance, marketing the business, attracting customers and many more important topics. With the guidance of Joseph, anyone considering starting up a luxury-boarding kennel for cats can avoid the common mistakes that are often made, many of which can result in failure of the business.

Joseph Garvey explained: “I want people to avoid failing at their dream. With my years of experience, I can offer people advice and help them avoid the many mistakes people make.”

To learn more about How To Start And Operate A Luxury Pet Boarding Kennel For Cats, and to learn how to start a boarding kennel the right way and become a success, please visit http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=How+To+Start+and+Operate+A+Luxury+Pet+Boarding+Kennel+For+Cats

About the Author

Joseph Garvey worked for major marketing and advertising firms for more than 30 years where he managed multimillion-dollar campaigns for national and international companies manufacturing both consumer and business products.

On entering semi-retirement, he and his wife Carol established their Luxury Kennel for cats at  www.pamperedcats.com

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