Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 and E6 smart e bike is the new comer for Airwheel

People will feel bad for walking or squeezing in bus in a wet weather. But when you are equipped with Airwheel C5 smart helmet and the brand new product, Airwheel E6 electric bicycles in flat roads, a joyful feeling will come out immediately.

Since its establishment, Airwheel has totally produced dozens of intelligent vehicles in different shapes and various functions and all of them have been pursued by most consumers. This year can be called a harvest year since Airwheel has several new products come. In this season, it is wet. Sometimes, you may get muddy and feel depressed by holding an umbrella in the narrow space of the bus. You want to change it really, so here is the suggestion for you. Wearing smart helmet C5 and riding folding electric bike E6, you will find the joy of life again.

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E6 e-bike is the new comer for Airwheel. With the X-shaped figure and coating color of white and orange, it will make you fascinated. The key part exists in the folding system, quick and easy, so it won’t occupy too much space after completing all the folding processes.
Smart e Bike
E6 electric bike outweighs in riding functions comparing to common bikes. The special designed left-right type saddle is a highlight. The exterior material is natural rubber and the two rounded seats conform to the principle of ergonomic so as to ensure the balanced force and increase the area of ventilation. What’s more, the intelligent braking system applies big data calculating, which can output the optimal solution. Meanwhile, the accelerator start up process and braking process can also ensure the steady riding.
helmet heads up display
Now it’s turn to say Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet heads up display. This product starts the new production life of accessories equipment. Based on traditional helmets’ function in protecting head, Airwheel adds the modern integrated service in C5 smart helmet and then we can have the extraordinary experience during riding. 2k high definition camera is mounted in the front of the helmet which can support the internal storage of 128G and almost three hours’ dynamic shooting.

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Maybe carbonated beverage can bring you cool but the combination of Airwheel C5 and E5 e-bike can also refresh you through the intelligent protection from top to toe.




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