ChalkTastic’s Amazon Sales Promotion on Chalk Marker Mega Pack Goes Live

ChalkTastic has just started the previously announced Amazon sales promotion on their recently launched Chalk Marker Mega Pack. This limited period discount deal offers each pack of eighteen chalk markers for a special price of $19.77.

15th Aug, 2016 – ChalkTastic is delighted to announce the formal launch of an attractive Amazon sales promotion for the buyers of their new product Chalk Marker Mega Pack. With the launch of this special discount, all Amazon shoppers will be able to take home this useful accessory for $19.77. The product’s listed price at is $49.99. Official sources have revealed that this promotional campaign will continue until further notifications. Interestingly, this new product from ChalkTastic is the larger variant of their flagship product Color Chalk Marker sets that contain eight chalk markers. The new product contains eighteen markers, and has been introduced on customer demand.

Within a very short time span, ChalkTastic has built a stellar reputation in with a series of chalk based accessories. Their chalk marker set has already become an Amazon bestseller with well over sixteen hundred user reviews. Now, the company is confident about emulating the same success story with the larger variant of the same product. The chalk pens from ChalkTastic are packed with a highly concentrated chalk ink manufactured from materials that are non-toxic and odorless. These markers have a high ink capacity to ensure their long life. The chalk pens are also dust-free, and can be cleaned rather easily.

ChalkTastic claims that just like their standard pack of chalk markers, the mega pack will be extremely useful for all types of users. These pens can be used on all types of non-porous surfaces including glass, metal, ceramic, mirror, whiteboard, blackboard, etc. These non-toxic pens can also be used by the kids for their school projects or just for fun. Moreover, the versatile features of these markers can be extremely useful for the teachers at different levels. The 6mm reversible tip of the markers makes them suitable for both detailed and rough work.

Announcing the launch of the Amazon sales promotion, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “We are delighted to announce the launch of the first ever sales promotion for our Chalk Marker Mega Pack.Now, you can take home eighteen high-quality chalk markers for even less than $20. Visit our Amazon store today to make the most of this excellent opportunity.”

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