eChinacities – A Look at China’s Leading Expat Website – By Bruce Moore was founded in 2008, and since then it has grown to become the leading website for expats and English speaking locals in China.


The company’s roots mainly lay in China – with 67% of the 140,000 weekly unique visitors (UV) surfing from within greater China – but it’s audience is also international: North America (14%), Europe (9%), Australia (2%) and India (1%) also constitute a share of the company’s UV. That’s about 7.2 million expats, local Chinese, and international viewers per year.

So what makes so popular? Many users claim that it’s a useful tool for their everyday expat life. It offers city guides that help plan your next vacation or busy weekend; articles to stay up to date with China related current events and trends; classifieds for apartment hunting and buying/selling second hand goods; Q&A’s for all your China-based questions; a component for dating; and, the most popular asset of them all, their comprehensive data base of jobs.

Let’s take a look at each section. 

City Guides

With 41 cities to chose from, City Guides has a plethora of information. Stay up to date with the latest parties and events, or discover the best burgers and hot pot restaurants around, or learn about the unique history of your area, or find out about different clubs and sports leagues you can join to meet new friends. City Guides greatly helps newcomers, lifers and visitors alike truly take advantage of all a city’s gems.



The website has several sections for articles with new content posted daily. Unique articles written by staff talks about life on the ground. You can find out about job searching tips, dating advice, and stories about some of the most delicious (and strangest) foods in the county. There’s also a blog forum so others can express their opinions.

Weird China News gives viewers a daily dose of news (and laughs) about all the crazy new things that happen in this foreign land everyday. Whether it be people riding the subway naked, the construction of a bizarre skyscraper that looks like a pair of underwear, or blowing the lid off a massive fake-alcohol smuggling ring, Weird China News most likely covers it.

Since many expats haven’t mastered the enormous task of reading Chinese, the team at eChinacities chooses trending articles from Chinese social media and news sources and translates them into English to give outsiders a view of what’s really going on in Chinese society. Want to know what the Chinese people and government think about the UN’s ruling on the South China Sea, or catch the latest news on China’s economic and political developments, or hear what some of the locals really think about your home country? There seems to have an article for every body’s liking.


Classifieds & Listings

Expats are constantly on the go, moving from town to town and country to country. While relocating can be hard enough in your own hometown where you speak the language, eChinaCities has simplified the process in 18 of the country’s biggest cities. Sell your bicycle, buy a new washing machine, find your dream apartment overlooking the Shanghai skyline… Classifieds & Listings, according to many of the users, has been a tremendous time and money saver.



Ever had a question for the locals and expats of China that you’re just dying to ask? Or are you an old China hand who is an expert on every aspect of the culture? No matter where you lie on the scale, Q&A gives you a chance to learn from the pros so you never have to say “bu zhidao” again. Those who provide the best answers can even earn points to win free gifts!



eChina Dating, in collaboration with Sina Weibo (China’s largest micro-blogging site), can hook you up… literally! This app provides a platform for foreigners and locals to mingle, giving you the chance to meet a hot date this Friday night. It’s a much welcomed addition to eChinacities, especially since many of the world’s most popular dating apps are blocked in China.



With so many companies in China looking for new talent, your dream job may be awaiting your resume. For this reason, eChinaCities’ Job search is the site’s most visited section, comprising of 41% of the sites’ total visitors.

With more than 20,000 registered corporate users and head hunters searching for their next qualified employee, along with 100,000 resumes from individuals joining the job hunt, eChinaCities is one of the country’s leaders in job recruitment. Whether it be in the field of Education, Sales and Marketing, Editing/Writing, or even Modeling and Acting, there’s a job out there for everyone.

With tens of thousands of people using eChinacities on a daily basis for their China needs, along with the resources to help you find everything you need from a new job to a new date, there’s no wonder eChinacities is the country’s leading website for the English speaking community of China.

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