Howtolearnspanishfree.Com Celebrates Success with a Webinar

As one of the best platforms to learn Spanish for free, has come a long way in a small time. To celebrate the growth of the website, founder Luke Matthews called for a small webinar, where he discussed some amazing stuff with students and offered them insights on the website.

Luke Matthews started off his journey to learn Spanish a few years back, and his knowledge is gained from varied resources on the web. is his effort to push the envelope and help more users in learning the language. To celebrate the unexpected growth of the website, he talked to some users on the webinar, answering questions like how to say I love you in Spanish.

Luke started off by talking how it is easy to find resources on Google, but he added that there isn’t one platform that can be credited with almost everything. He added that he was missing something, simply because there aren’t many options in terms of free and paid resources. That’s when he thought of creating a platform that will assist one and all. He answered to many queries on the webinar, adding that users will be able to learn most things here, including how to say happy birthday in Spanish or some of the common stuff.

He also asked users to follow the blog and website regularly, as it will be updated on a regular basis. He also added that the best structure for learning can be really unique and different, and therefore, the focus should be to start easily. From saying good morning in Spanish to understanding someone’s words, it should be easy and effective, and for that systematic learning more than essential.

No wonder, will prove to be a great resource for the users, and Luke is probably aiming at just that. The website is free for use and is updated regularly, which is kind of great for any platform that’s beaming with potential.

About is a website, initiated by 29-year old Luke Matthews. Apart from learning things like how to say thank you in Spanish to more complicated stuff, the website intends to make the process easier for everyone. Luke is also known for his amazing rapport with the users and often chats with them live, offering them more insights on using the platform and the resources that matter the most for Spanish learners.

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