XuPoP Software gives blogger’s WP site a whole new look and feel

The XuPop Software is basically a WordPress plugin; that helps you to create wonderfully and engage full page videos, surveys, exit pages, and opt-ins, which lead to a much higher level of lead generation and increased sales. With this wonderful WP plugin, creating engaging pop-ups has become extremely simple for any WP site owner. The basic benefits you can reap from XuPop Software are:

•    Easy to use 1 and 2 step email opt-ins that come with custom code integration and full auto responder

•    Media presentations with engaging images and videos

•    Simple and easy to use market research surveys

•    Traditional countdown times that creates a sense of urgency among site visitors

•    Grabbing leads attention with special offers

•    Creating perfect pop-ups using mix n match technique

•    Full page pop overs complimented with images and videos in the background

•    Engaging site animations that attract attention

•    In depth pixel tracking and analytics

If you use the XuPop Software plugin, your WordPress site will transcend from being just another online blog, because this WP plugin is much more different than any other plugins available on the WP control panel. This is something beyond anyone’s imagination, yet is the most helpful plugin any WP user has ever seen. With XuPop Software, you have the ability to come up with five fully customizable and different pop-ups which are compatible with almost all the WP themes and pages. And the entire process just takes a few minutes. The steps to create these pop-ups are as follows:

Step 1 – Creating a new pop up with XuPoP

The very first step towards adding a new pop up on your WP site is to create it. Create one with a few basic settings, following which you can customize it.

Step 2 – Selecting style of pop up

After creating a new pop up with general settings, you need to choose the style of the pop up based on your need for it. Some of the options are:

•    Email opt-ins, where you can link your site auto responder quite easily

•    Images and videos, which can be used to draw in more and more traffic with engaging media content

•    Surveys, which can be used to understand what exactly your site visitors are looking for

•    Countdown timers, which converts visitors to sales leads by creating a sense of urgency

•    Special offers, which can be used to inform your site visitors about a certain ongoing promotion

Step 3 – Setting up the pop-up animations and backgrounds

Check the preview of the pop-up before you release it on your site. Try out the functions and features and judge whether it will be easy to use or not. When this part is done, it is now time to add an entry animation, video or image background and many other things to make it look even more engaging to all site visitors.

So go out there, and use this plugin, and enjoy limitless site traffic.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/f2shzdhu1G8

For more specific detail, you can see XuPop Software review here

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