Blue Squid Face Paints Announces Collaboration to Provide Video Tutorials on Face Painting Designs

Face painting Kit Manufacturer teams with Olga’s Face & Body Art to Provide Video Tutorials

Face painting and body art is as old as man. It has been part of human culture for Millennia but has recently seen an upsurge in popularity in a new an exciting guise. You would be hard pressed these days to visit a Child’s birthday party, sporting event or county fair without encountering the face painting phenomena. Whether its Lions and Tigers, Princesses and fairies or even real life embodiments of the Pokeman series, kids can’t seem to get enough of transforming themselves into their favourite characters.

With professional face painters getting a little pricey, many parents have taken to embracing their own creative side. Face painting kits such as provided by Blue Squid provide all the tools needed to be able to create a party full of excited painted children and in a statement today, Blue squid announced that they were teaming up with Olga’s Face and Body Arts You Tube channel to provide video tutorials for parents to enable them to paint the best and most favourite designs.

A spokesperson for Blue Squid explained further, “Our customers love the quality of the paints we provide. The variety and quantity are perfect for any occasion. Teaming up with Olga’s Face and Body Art is a great collaboration allowing us to provide what we think are some of the best video tutorials on creating the most popular designs asked for by children at every Face Painting party in America. This completes the circle of information required by any parent wanting to put on their own face painting party or event.”

Olga’s Face & Body Art is one of the most popular channels on You Tube for Face painting design tutorials and has nearly 17,000 subscribers. See designs with video tutorials at the Blue Squid Face Paint design tutorials page.

Blue Squid is the manufacturer and sole distributor of The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids. The Kit offers 12 color palettes of 8g to include red, green, blue, navy blue, yellow, black, orange, pink, purple, grey and white face paint and a silver glitter gel. The vibrant colors are cosmetic grade and contain high concentrations of food grade pigment that is FDA approved, hypoallergenic and paraben free. The Kit also includes 3 brushes and face paint stencils with both thick and thin brushes for application fine detail and wider coverage use. The kit comes in a sturdy case with a hinged lid with all the color palettes being kept in individual high quality containers.

The spokesperson continued, “Our customers have been kind enough to give the Blue Squid Face painting Kit a 5 Stars rating on the Amazon retail platform so we are extremely happy to reciprocate and provide all our customers with what we think are the best 5 stars rated video tutorials from Olga’s Face and Body Art.”

The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids is available exclusively on the retail platform. For a limited period of time the kit may be purchased at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price).


Blue Squid is the manufacturer and sole distributor of The Blue Squid Face Paint Kit for Kids. The kit may be purchased exclusively on Amazon USA. For more information please visit their sales page.

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