New-age sound therapy machine “Sleep Tones” from Cherry Koala soon to hit Amazon

Cherry Koala is soon to hit Amazon with its cutting edge sound therapy machine Sleep Tones that promises peaceful sleep for both babies and adults with soothing genuine natural sounds.

Brisbane, Australia, August 16, 2016: A good night sleep is the most important to start the next day on a fresher note but it’s the daily stress of the contemporary packed life that often hinders the desired forty winks. But not anymore. With the mission to assure a more peaceful sleep, Cherry Koala is soon to launch its new-age sound therapy machine Sleep Tones that guarantees a serene sleep environment to fall asleep much faster.

The exclusive machine is to be launched in the mid-quarter of August 2016. It will cater to both babies and adults, including those suffering from tinnitus.

“We all know the effects of a peaceful sleep at night but it’s our daily stress and tensions that hardly allow us the luxury of the needed forty winks. But you can stop worrying about it now as we are soon to release our cutting edge sound therapy machine Sleep Tones on Amazon– that guarantee the best tranquil audio so that you never have to compromise with your goodnight sleep. Designed with a wealth of soothing natural sounds, it will transport you to a whole new peaceful place where you can have the best sleep of your life. And, you will wake up fully rested and charged to confidently take up the challenges the next day”, stated Matthew Aaron, the founder of Cherry Koala.

Speaking further he said that it’s the lack of quality sound therapy machines in the market that urged him to come up with Sleep Tones. The machine is equipped with as many as 10 sounds such as Thunder, Ocean, Tropical Forest, White Noise, Heartbeat and so on. The users would be able to customize the volume settings as per their preferences.



“We know how hard it is to put little ones to sleep. But our premium sound therapy machine is designed with white noise that recreates the very ambience of the womb so that the babies can have a familiar surrounding- where they can peacefully drift off to sleep. It would be a nice, safe and meaningful addition to any nursery.”



The machine can run throughout the night or the user can schedule a time limit with its in-built Auto-Off Timer feature. It will be easy to use thanks to its Plug-in-and-play feature (USB Power plug adapter included). Given its portable quotient, Sleep Tones can be carried along even while travelling.

“The great bit about Sleep Tones is that is consumes less power in comparison to the other regular machines in the current market and hence would any day be a more affordable option. And yes, we have used genuine tones only to prevent any annoying clicking and looping issue”, Aaron added in.

Sleep Tones would be launched with the promise of a 30-day cash back guarantee on client dissatisfaction.

The product is also available for direct purchase through Cherry Koala’s website. Interested customers can contact them directly at the contacts mentioned below. To know more about the upcoming edgy sound therapy machine, visit

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