Cute kiddo book ‘My Dad’s Bald Head’ celebrating daddy’s bald head in coolest of ways seeks crowdfund support

A cool dad from Israel, Ofer Hod, has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo in support of his new children’s book “My Dad’s Bald Head” that shows the coolest of ways to celebrate daddy’s bald head for the kids.

Modi’in, Israel, August 16, 2016: Cool pop from Israel, Ofer Hod, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo in support of his new children’s book “My Dad’s Bald Head”. When the whole world conceives baldness as something “weird”, the new-age book looks to change the popular notion for better by showing cutest of ways to celebrate daddy’s bald head.

The campaign is geared to raise $6,000.


“I remember my kids’ friends noticing & pointing out at my baldness every time I go to pick my children up from their kindergarten school. It reminds me of my own childhood when I used to think there was something weird or special about bald head. I am a bald man myself and pretty happy with that at the moment. In fact, I find it really fun to be bald and there are some really amusing ways to celebrate it for the kids. Thus, I came up with this book, which, I am hopeful will render a cooler take on bald heads to the kids and the dads as well. But publishing a book always demands a robust financial support and hence this crowdfunding campaign. Your support would be much appreciated”, stated Ofer Hod while announcing this campaign.

A professional animator & multimedia designer, the fun dad of 3 has written and illustrated the book to show the different amusing ways to make the best of a bald head. 

Speaking about himself, Ofer stressed that he had been suffering from hair loss issues since the mere age of 22. He had tried almost every possible avenue to restore hair and had even considered the exorbitantly priced hair transplant. But when all routes proved to be futile, he finally decided to shave his head only to end up with an unexpected wonderful feeling like there’s no problem anymore. He knew there cannot be a better solution. Hod is the founder of, which, for over 15 years has helped hundreds to feel great about shaving their head- including many cancer patients who needed to ease the shock, before their chemo. Though virtual head shave cost few dollars, Ofer didn’t charge the cancer patients any fees. He offered the service free of charge to their relatives too.

“I am always pleasantly surprised when parents tell me that their little ones simply don’t wish to put my book down.”


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The 8 by 10” portrait-size book is meant for children aged from 3-7. “My Dad’s Bald Head” was initially released in Hebrew and after the translation work, the book is soon to be published in English with the support of the Indiegogo campaign. The funds raised will help Hod with the publishing, printing, packaging and shipping costs of the book.



A cool host of perks are waiting for the backers.  Just a $20 pledge comes with a bunch of exciting goodies like free shipping of a “My Dad’s Bald Head” hardcover version, accompanied by PDF & Video book versions as well. Donations reaching $38, $50 and $80 would be rewarded with 2, 3 and 5 book sets respectively.

“A pledge of $2,500 would mean me visiting your home to personally deliver 5 hardcover copies. I would also sit for a hearty tête-à-tête with your little one and answer all his questions about the book”, Hod added in.

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