Lionell “Voxx” Lomax Prepares to Release His Greatest Album Yet

There is considerably more involved in making a hip hop album than most people think.  From the long hours in the studio to creating a musical spectacle for live audiences, it takes sweat, creativity and commitment.  One of the leading independent hip hop stars on the Seattle music scene is Lionell “Voxx” Lomax who has already released hit albums like “Rock Star Life” to popular and critical acclaim. 

Voxx is currently in the studio working on his next album which should be a revelation to music and, especially, hip hop fans everywhere.  He is also hard at work creating a live show for his fans that offers incredible music elevated even further by stellar showmanship and artistry.  As a music and entertainment artist, Voxx is committed to making every one of his shows truly unforgettable.

You can help make these projects spectacular by supporting Voxx’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. By financially supporting this campaign, you will not only be helping one of the leaders of the Seattle hip hop community, but you will also be helping usher in a new age of accountability. Voxx promises to put every penny into his album and tour, and he will disclose his production budget to his supporters.

If you back this campaign, you can get perks like digital downloads, signed photo cards, album downloads, CDs, T-shirts, secret listening parties, secret songs, Skype calls with VOXX, personalized cover song, or an original song.  To learn more about Lionell “Voxx” Lomax or to make a donation, please visit

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