Dawn808 has the first patent in Korea as well as in the world for Hangover

Which form the most maenia hangover from the Republic of Korea is the leader in the market more than 808 products in the hangover market growing every year due to the mouth of the wine lovers.

Using natural plant materials, whoever was expressing confidence in the product, from the birth of the brand, which means that at the end you can safely enjoy numerous experiments we use natural tea hangover more than 808 times in 808 inventions and drinking root. In addition, its unique marketing inserting a picture of the inventor of the packaging design received and popular consumer confidence in the body.

Typical symptoms of a hangover headache and soreness in thirst, hangover Spring Water 808 people that clean the mouth, eliminating odor and is known to be helpful in improving hangover as well as protect the gastric mucosa and liver effects.

After drinking all wine lovers the Republic of Korea the next day people offering a refreshing morning 808 domestic as well as the US, Japan, China, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, etc. The invention patented patents in 11 countries and preservatives the product does not contain a preservative at all Korea standards Association, consumers accounted for well-being index consecutive seven years relieve hangover representative of the Republic of Korea Republic of Korea, including being named the fifth consecutive year target leading brand enjoys a strong position in the Spring Water.

In particular, more than 808 of the world’s first invention, the inventor namjonghyeon President of the 43rd day of the Invention Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service won the Medal with three gold medals at the Pittsburgh International invention king first and was crowned the world invention king Japanese genius meeting the highest mankind Impact Award, Russia Archimedes invention event dominate the top 10 world destinations, including invention event and is recognized as the world’s leading inventors.

Invented the world’s premier patent Enterprises Ltd Grammy is hangover Dawn 808, as well as stamina enhancement natural tea, hyperlipidemia and stroke care, sovereign, who invented the eczema and allergies for, burn treatments, hair loss treatments, such as 100% natural seasoning, humanity is expected to grow into world-class total healthcare company in the world to think of the best consumer health and wellness company with eco-friendly environment a priority to constantly strive to realize the dream of life extension.

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