Malaysian IT solutions provider integrates geolocation tech in services

Award winning Software Asset Management solution – JustSAMit looks to further grow it’s establish International client base with its latest Geolocation tracking feature. The IT solutions company which provides simple and reliable asset management services across industries, believes that asset Geolocation data can improve operations of companies, track and recover missing assets and extend effectiveness of today’s highly mobile workforce.

Award winning JustSAMit is a cost effective, simple to use enterprise IT Asset Management solution.  Launched in 2011 as one of the first Cloud Based IT Asset Management solution, JustSAMit has been enhanced to provide automated Geolocation tracking of new and existing IT assets in organizations.  The innovative solution is able to identify the location of IT Assets without the need of GPS and is even able to track which floor the asset is currently located at indoors.   The solution was developed based on customer feedback that such a feature was not available in the market and was required especially in recovering missing assets and would be useful for work and sales force activity management.   In addition to Geolocation features, the latest version of JustSAMit also has Machine Warranty management features to further enhance IT operations in both large and small organizations.

The company, recognizes that businesses, regardless of size may still not be using an asset management system in their operations.  One of JustSAMit’s goals is to assist the industry to set-up and adopt IT asset management (ITAM) strategies in a simple and cost effective way.

“We help you monitor the installation of software in your company, and automatically prompt you for any unauthorized software that are being used in your system. The end goal of the ITAM is to reduce your IT costs by providing an efficient system,” a statement from the website states. 

This advanced solution also stores the location history of the machine in the same system. With this new feature, it is now possible for the organizations to properly monitor all their hardware and software, even remotely.   The company also provides an on-premise version of the solution for customers who would like all their data stored within their organisation.  Integration interfaces are available for customer systems to integrate with for their Financial, Human Resource or Big Data systems.

Software and Hardware management is vital for compliance and smooth and effective operations.  However, many businesses are still operating without full control of their IT assets exposing themselves to risks and loss of productivity.  According to the company, their goal is to simplify and make IT Asset Management accessible and easily adopted by all.

With hardware and software being closely linked in the entire IT system, JustSAMit will help the organization to ensure that the software used by the business are highly optimize for their current hardware. With proper ITAM in place, companies will also be able to avoid spending on software that are not fully utilized in the business operation. 

JustSAMit has been servicing businesses internationally since 2011 across Asia, Europe and United States. To know more about the details of their ITAM services, you may refer to their website at

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