90 Day’s Money Back Guarantee Now Available on ChalkTastic Color Chalk Marker Mega Pack

ChalkTastic has just introduced a 90 day satisfaction guarantee for all Amazon buyers of their recently launched Color Chalk Marker Mega Pack. This guarantee will allow the unsatisfied buyers of the product to claim a complete refund.

17th Aug, 2016 – ChalkTastic has just started offering a 90 day money back guarantee to safeguard the Amazon shoppers purchasing their just launched Chalk Marker Mega Pack. With the launch of this money back guarantee, the buyers of this product will have the option to claim their money back in full, in case they are not satisfied with the purchase. A distinguished manufacturer of chalk based products, ChalkTastic recently launched their latest product Chalk Marker Mega Pack. Functionally speaking, this product is similar to the company’s popular standard pack of eight chalk markers. However, the mega pack offers eighteen markers for an attractive price of $19.77 only.

ChalkTastic informs that their Chalk Marker Mega Pack was introduced by the company based on requests from several users of the standard pack. The color chalk pens from ChalkTastic have already become a familiar name in Amazon with over sixteen hundred Amazon reviews from satisfied users. Unlike many other sub-standard products, these markers contain a world-class variety of liquid chalk that offers vibrant colors even after repeated use. The ink capacity of these markers is also very high, leading to their long life. Moreover, the liquid chalk ink used in this product is completely odorless and non-toxic.

The chalk based pens from ChalkTastic has been used for many different applications without any concern. The markers work very well on different non-porous surfaces such as whiteboard, blackboard, metal, glass, ceramic, and many others. Many young kids love using these markers for their art projects or classwork. These markers have helped many creative individuals in their art projects. Several teachers have also expressed their liking for these world class markers. Now, with a wider variety of colors, ChalkTastic’s Chalk Marker Mega Pack is all set to script a similar success story.

Highlighting the need for the money back guarantee, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “We are extremely confident about the quality of our product and have no doubt that this guarantee will be required in the rarest of cases. However, this guarantee will allow the buyers to purchase our new product with full confidence.”

To find out more about ChalkTastic Color Chalk Markers Mega Pack, please visit https://www.amazon.com/FANTASTIC-ChalkTastic-MARKERS-Bistro-Boards/dp/B01DBY7DLK

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ChalkTastic is an organization dedicated to delivering high-quality accessories made of chalk. Three products from the company are now selling successfully at Amazon.com

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