Noted Environmentalist Absar Khan Will Make a 500 Kilometer Journey Through Pakistan to Raise Awareness about Pressing Environmental Issues

With more than 180 million people, Pakistan is the sixth most populous nation in the world.  Pakistan has long been a prominent leader in the fields of science, industry and commerce, but acclaimed environmental leader Absar Khan hopes to add environmentalism as well.  Khan intends to educate and inform communities as he journeys from Shigar Fort to the Khunjerab Pass.  While he hikes and picks up trash on this arduous 500 km journey, Khan will be using his publicized trek to raise awareness of important environmental issues that threaten many important Pakistani tourism and natural resources as well as the world.

Absar Khan is a co-founder of TACTACK, one of Pakistan’s premier responsible trip organizers. As a leader environmental figure, Khan hopes his latest campaign will inspire millions of his fellow countrymen to take a renewed interest in their deteriorating environment. He firmly believes that without immediate action at the grassroots level, many of Pakistan’s most precious sites could be threatened.  He also will travel with a film crew on his journey to document his work and the current state of many native ecosystems. 

In order to fund his journey and the production of the documentary, Khan has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  He invites you to join him in helping to preserve the dying countryside of the beautiful and unique land by financially supporting his Indiegogo campaign.  In return for backing this project, you may have a credit in the documentary.  To learn more about Absar Khan or to make a donation, please visit

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Company Name: TACTACK
Contact Person: Imad Gharazeddine
City: Shigar
Country: Pakistan