The Five Colors of Nature: Children’s New Book to Enjoy

August 17, 2016, Concord, North Carolina, U.S.A – Top book publisher, Our Nature Walk creates an excitement as they announce a new book that will surely be enjoyed by many. This would be a successful book that will be truly enjoyed by all the children. Through this book, many kids will now engage in keeping themselves knowledgeable about the nature. The series of Our Nature Walk helps to introduce the importance of today’s situation about the changes in our world. This book also aims to open up the eyes of the new generation to be a part of the advocates to change the world into better place.

“Our Nature Walk Five Colors of Our Nature” was written by Latisha Jones, MBA and was illustrated by Sean Winburn.  They are indeed an experts dedicated to provide the best book which would help children to grow with knowledge about the nature.

She is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, which can be found at:

What is the book all about?

Latisha I Jones creates the book The Five Colors of Our Nature Walk to help children develop their own appreciation about everything that can be seen in the surroundings. With this book, she ensures that every kid will learn to recognize things as they take a walk movement to see the nature and encourage not just children but as well as parents to guide their children and make the right connection with  nature. This book has been published at Nature Walk publishing house and will showcase the remarkable book series for children.

With our Nature Walks, children will be guided to improve their observation skills and explore their own knowledge in Mathematics and Science subjects. The book uses some colorful pictures that show the real beauty of nature that will surely attract attention of children. This book will make sure that it will offer exciting exploration about our world and make them feel eager to turn every page of the book due to their curiosity.

According to author Latisha Jones, “The book’s aim is to get the children take into the traditional way of learning and reading aside from having their gadgets. The book project will be enjoyed by the children if funded at least the amount of $3,500.00. We are opening up our doors to those who will pledge to support the book by Sunday, August 21, 2016. Any specific amount of pledge is a great help to give the children chance to understand even more about the world. In exchange of your help that you will give to support the book, we have designated gifts that you will enjoy based on the amount that you are going to spend.”

The pledge will be divided into different areas of the book to be published:

  • Printing cost, 60.00%
  • Shipping and Handling 0.5%
  • Marketing Tools 6.0%
  • Kick starter fees and other credit card fees 8.5%
  • Reward cost 25%

The additional funding would be used in investing in hard cover, cost of writing and also publishing of the second book, and therefore improving the quality. This children book will also be shipped all over the world and the price of the book is indeed accessible by everyone.

Latisha hopes about the positive response that this book can get as well as what benefits the children can reap by reading this.  With a little support from the backers and contributors, a lot of children will be soon a part of a better changing world, a place where they can live peacefully together.

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About the Author:

Latisha I Jones is the talented author of The Five Colors of Our Nature Walk that is based from the real child’s experience of learning through discovery. She successfully achieved the degree in Early Childhood Development, Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts and Psychology, and earned her Masters of Degree in Business Administration. She is well experienced in early childhood education wherein she has successfully operated two childcare facilities for almost seventeen years.

About the Book:

The book “The Five Colors of Our Nature Walk” is about a story of one boy name Joshua and his mother who go for a nature walk. As they walk during one beautiful and sunny day, Joshua discovers different wonderful things from the nature and learns what it can offer. He discovers and explores different colors that he sees in nature like rocks, birds and leaves from the trees. The young boy becomes amazed that a leaf can also become color red, green or orange.  Due to the curiosity of colors found in the nature, Joshua and his mother have enjoyed their walk wherein they have fun talks and sing together as well. 

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