8/17/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — LRE (Lonely Road Entertainment) artist Diverse Character is pleased to announce the release of “Everything On Me,” the highly anticipated first single off Diverse Character’s forthcoming new body of work by the same name.

“Everything On Me,” produced by Lucid $wank, was written by Diverse Character and engineered by Jumbo Beats. The track, featuring a Drake-type beat along with a hardcore Tupac approach, which is different from anything we’ve heard from Diverse, was set to hit the airwaves on July 23rd, but was rescheduled due to the passing of Diverse Character’s grandmother Lois J. Nolan. “She was the true Madea! Stern, and full of wisdom, laughter, and brazen jokes. Her legacy and her life will always be remembered in every lyric I write,” said Diverse Character.

The first single, “Everything On Me,” will premiere Friday, September 23rd  at 8 PM EST on http://www.diversecharacter.com .

Hip-Hop/ Rock artist and song writer Diverse Character continues to make impressionable waves in the independent music scene. Recognized as the 2015 ‘Artist to Watch’ Underground Music Award Winner for his hit single, “Happy Place,” his music has been said to be “hypnotizing, but it is also—diverse like the emoji character sets on your smart phones and computers,” and Diverse Character is in total agreeance. With music that’s sometimes known to be unclassified in regards to genre, while preparing for this album, Diverse Character stated, “I had to reintroduce myself to myself. The business of music can become just that – business. Sometimes people want you to do what it is that they want you to do, instead of allowing you to be yourself. I’m Diverse! I need freedom. I might want hip-hop today and rock tomorrow, said Diverse Character. “Then I realized it really ain’t about what people want. That’s how you get labeled a fraud. I’m dope, and when it comes to me, ‘Everything is On Me.’” 

For more information about Diverse Character and his upcoming dual EP ‘Everything On Me,’ please contact Nicole K Nolan at 609-424-9974 or email at bookdiversecharacter@gmail.com. You can also visit his official website www.diversecharacter.com or follow him on Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @versecharacter.

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