Bon Voyage Supplements Announces Upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign Amid Domestic, International Buzz

The team at Bon Voyage Supplements looks to raise international awareness for their brand while reaching funding goals

TORONTO, ONTARIO, AUGUST 17, 2016 – The team at Bon Voyage Supplements is thrilled to announce that they have just launched an IndieGoGo campaign this Saturday August 13rd. The launch of the Bon Voyage Supplements crowdfunding campaign comes at a time when the company is already attracting attention around the world.

Bon Voyage Supplements has pioneered a specially formulated solution for reducing the effects of jet lag. Youcef Boudouh, Mohit Sadarangani, and Ralph Wu, the millennials behind the brand, worked on the product’s development for two years before announcing that they’d created the world’s first and only 2-in-1 safe, natural supplement for jet lag. The supplement is taken twice daily, and users don’t need to worry about drinking large amounts of water to see results. Bon Voyage Supplements’ first supplement works by enhancing alertness, relieving stress, and boosting cognitive function, thereby combating jet lag.

Thus far, Bon Voyage Supplements has made a buzz across the world. Information about the company and their supplement has been published in 219 leading media outlets, including Yahoo, ABC, and the Miami Herald. Bon Voyage Supplements has even been featured in publications as far as Argentina and the United Kingdom, and a recent product ad for the company was featured in Times Square. Two cable channels have approached the Bon Voyage Supplements team with interview requests, and preliminary discussions with major retailers across North America have been positive.

Youcef Boudouh, founder of Bon Voyage, said, “We are really happy but also surprised by all this buzz. We knew we had a unique product, but we were not expecting all of that! Our first Youtube video has more than 32,000 views with absolutely no SEO or paid links! We look forward to having an even more amazing product launch.”

Business partner Rosanna Marabella said, “The feedback we are having from people but also retailers is just phenomenal…it’s like everyone wants a piece of Bon Voyage Supplements. We are really bringing something unique, not only from a product standpoint but as a millennials owned startup.”

Now, Bon Voyage Supplements has announced that they are launching an IndieGoGo campaign Saturday August 13, 2016 (Link: ). The campaign will help expand buzz exponentially, and the company hopes the campaign will help get their product into international markets faster.

Bon Voyage Supplements aims to raise $25,000 to fund their first commercial batch of 5,000 units. The company is offering exciting stretch goals, including monthly Amazon and Starbucks cards; a $10,000 backpacking trip contest and a round trip to the Bahamas for two backpackers; and a referral program offering $5 per referral in Amazon gift cards, as well as Apple watches, FitBits, GoPros, and cash back.

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Bon Voyage Supplements helps people enhance their travels by reducing fatigue and jet lag.

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