New Kiwi Luxe anti-aging bee-friendly skincare brand Bee Yü seeks crowdfund support at Kickstarter

NZ-based luxury skincare brand Bee Yü has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter supporting its exclusive bee-friendly scientifically proven and au-natural premium skincare anti-aging products- made with highest-rated Manuka honey

New Zealand-based luxury skincare brand Bee Yü has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of its bee-friendly anti-aging products. The line speaks of scientifically proven au-natural premium skincare that also champions giving back to the bees and nature.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise $70,000 NZD (around USD 50,500) by September 21, 2016.

“We are proud to bring an exclusive line of honey-based skincare products which count on superior-rated Manuka honey (20+UMF) – something that’s only viable in NZ and not possible with other regular honey-based beauty products around. To assure the best results, we have deployed the right-most levels of the bee venom & an awesome combo of great NZ botanicals such as blackcurrant seed extract, pohutakawa extract as well as totara extract. What separates us from others is that Bee Yü will make you feel unique by getting you that special feeling of ‘being you’. We redefine the very way one interacts with skincare. And yes, unlike others, we also make sure to give back to the nature. But such a breakthrough production demands solid financial support and hence the campaign. Your support would be much appreciated”, stated David McClelland while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

Bee Yü products are suitable for any type of skin. 

McClelland’s business is primarily focused on bees & honey and he also owns beehives in various places across the country. At present Bee Yü has come up with three Hero products – Hydrating Day crème (a combo of bee venom and royal jelly), intensive Night crème (a rejuvenating blend of goji seed and prickly pear seed oils) and Cleanse, Tighten & Regenerate Face Masque (infused with bee venom, clove flower extract and swertia chirata extract).

David stressed on using untouched & pristine Manuka Honey, harvested from remote areas around the country.

“The funds gathered will enable us to complete the production and launch our three exclusive products globally. Moreover, it would also encourage us to develop our next line of 4 products in the making shortly. We’re honey-health pros who have got ‘best’ personnel only to ensure an exclusive skincare range that can actually reverse the aging process, ensuring a younger, fresher and more spirited you. And, yes, you will love our creative eco-friendly packaging.”

The official launch of Bee Yü is scheduled for NZ Fashion Week on August 24, 2016.

A cool host of perks are waiting for the donators. These include updates about the production of Bee Yü goodies, free samples of all the three products along with one product presenter and so on. Pledges of $79 and $89 would mean the great offer of either Hydrating Day crème or intensive Night crème and Cleanse, Tighten & Regenerate Face Masque respectively. Donations reaching $199 would be awarded with a lux pamper pack carrying all the 3 Bee Yü goodies. Further donations reaching $999 would mean all the goodness mentioned above along with the added facility of becoming a Bee Yü partner.

“Pledges reaching $8,000 would be honored with the special privilege of the Bee Yü man David McClelland personally visiting the supporter – to discuss Bee Yü distributorship “, added in a leading spokesman from David’s team.

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