BlackOptek CE Inc. Generates More Than 70,000 Calls for Telecom Buyers in a Time When Telemarketing is Least Successful

TORONTO – BlackOptek CE Inc. has generated over 70,000 incoming calls for large telecommunications companies. Not only that, but the duration of calls with BlackOptek CE Inc. averages 14 minutes or more.

One telecommunications giant sought out BlackOptek CE Inc. mid-2015 to help them meet sales targets that they had consistently been missing. The results were impressive, with BlackOptek CE Inc. helping the company to not only meet their goal, but exceed it by 44%.

The Business Manager for this Telco reported that because of the expertise shared by BlackOptek CE Inc. in terms of best practices as far as scripts and pitches are concerned they were able to take their conversion rate from 45% in the first month to a steady 80%.

BlackOptek CE Inc. focuses on bringing customers to its clients and not just more leads. “Through our focused approach on inbound sales, BlackOptek CE Inc. is able to deliver a high ROI for its customers consistently each month so they can meet or exceed their sales goals,” said J Khan, spokesperson for BlackOptek CE Inc.

Telemarketing is a difficult business to be in. In general, consumers are not happy to get telemarketing calls. They do not like to be disturbed and often end up upset and even lashing out at the call center representative that rang their phone. With this kind of mentality, Telecom companies were finding their telemarketing efforts were failing month after month.

BlackOptek CE Inc. does things differently to make telemarketing seen in a different light. Instead of text-to-speech recordings, customers listen to a professionally recorded human being. Instead of ineffective scripts that make telemarketing a nightmare for all involved, scripts and pitches are developed with call center agents to create material that converts.

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