BlackOptek Launches Call Intelligence to Streamline Telephone Marketing Efforts

Call Intelligence Boosts Conversion Rates

TORONTO – BlackOptek announced today that it has launched a new call intelligence system to help its clients increase telephone conversions. The system has call filtering, detailed reporting in real-time, and recorded prompts that overhaul the traditional system of text-to-speech recordings.

BlackOptek is a performance marketing firm based out of Ontario, Canada, but serves customers all over the country. “We launched this program in an effort to transform the old, ineffective methods of telephone marketing into something that can keep up with this decade and technology age that we live in. It’s important that our clients see results from their efforts and we feel like this call intelligence system provides that to them,” says the spokeman for BlackOptek J Khan.

The call intelligence system that BlackOptek offers to its clients utilizes custom filters to move customers through the telephone marketing system based on certain qualities. Available filters include geography, interest, demographics, and even the time of the call. Professional prompts replace standard text-to-speech recordings to engage the customer and increase conversions. Callers are connected to a live agent when necessary, after they have been qualified first, to make the most efficient process possible.

BlackOptek has achieved many substantial results for its clients, including cutting costs in half and growing inbound sales to levels that have never been seen before. For one major telecommunications company BlackOptek delivered 44% more sales than their budget had targeted.

Potential clients can book a consultation with an expert at BlackOptek to learn how to improve their marketing efforts before ever signing up to purchase the service.

BlackOptek focuses on acquiring customers for its clients and not just leads. To learn more about the new call intelligence system, visit

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