750ml Red Wine Decanter Available Exclusively at Bella Vino

The 750ml Red Wine Decanter by drinkbellavino is now available to buy and customers can order it from the company’s website. The decanter is made from sturdy crystal class, is easy to pour through its slanted spout design, elegantly shaped so customers can impress their friends and more importantly, enhances the taste of the wine. 

The decanter is designed to hold one standard bottle of wine (750ml) and has four unique selling points. The first and most important selling point is the decanter’s large base, which allows customers to enjoy a better taste to their red wine. The width of the base causes the wine to aerate or ‘be allowed to breathe’. This causes the tannins in the wine to soften, which enhances the flavour. As a result, the wine has a smoother and richer taste and texture.

Second, the decanter has a unique slanted spout design, which Bella Vino believes makes it easier to pour and drip free. The third USP is its elegant design, which makes it an ideal product for customers who want to host wine tasting parties or dinners and impress their guests.

The final selling point is that the Bella Vino decanter is made from strong premium crystal glass. This makes the product lightweight and durable.  This means the decanter is easy to handle and yet sturdy enough not to break or chip easily when cleaning. The product is also dishwasher safe.

Bella Vino’s 750ml Red Wine Decanter has so far received positive customer reviews all of whom gave the product a five-star rating. For example, Krista R. Bainbridge says, “…let me tell you when it [the decanter] is in use, it is even better. I opened a bottle of red wine poured it in and allowed it to breathe a bit – I found that it was ready to drink and enjoy much more quickly than when I just let a bottle air out on its own.” 

Belle Vino was founded to serve wine lovers. They are makers and sellers of elegant decanters, champagne flutes and red and white wine glasses. They meticulously design them and source the highest quality materials to enhance the flavours of the wine.

Bella Vino’s products are enjoyed worldwide and potential customers can find out more at https://www.drinkbellavino.com/products/750ml-red-wine-decanter

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