Bryan McClure features in Strings, now streaming on YouTube

The first episode premiered Monday

“Space Command” actor Bryan McClure currently stars in the webseries Strings, which premiered on YouTube on Monday.

Said to be a mix of Teen Wolf and Saw, the series also features such seasoned names as Taylor Hay, Paul Stevans, Saige Ryan, Joey Luthman, and famed Viner, Nik Keswani.

McClure, whose other credits include “Hawaii Five-O” and “The Starving Games”, plays Riker.

“Strings” finds the characters drugged, hooded, and bound in a room with no apparent way out. What at first glimpse seems to be a random group of teens, the characters soon learn their link is much more than originally thought and someone has a score to settle… at any cost. They must work together to solve the room’s challenges if they have any hope of escape. But is escape even possible? No one will know until the series’ final, nail-biting episode.

A mix of tension, suspense, and blood, the series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they try to anticipate the next turn of events.

The series, whose target audience is twelve to twenty-one year olds, hopes to fill a niche that is currently missing with current YouTube series offerings. “Many teens and tweens of today are watching online and using social media rather than turning to traditional television series for their viewing interests. We hope to fill the gap that currently exists between the television offerings and paid services and open source online viewing with a quality show that will appeal to our target group,” says Grace Lho, president of the show’s parent corporation, Trajan Productions, LLC. “This audience deserves something they can really sink their teeth into and enjoy.”

Watch the series here:

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