Airwheel Z5 folding smart electric scooter meets the growing demands of travelers.

Airwheel invests heavily in R&D to deliver the best riding experience to its customers. The creation of Airwheel folding electric scooter marks a zero to one breakthrough to the company. Good image of idol plays an important role in brand promotion. For example, ride an Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter.

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Airwheel Z5, since release, have drawn widely attention and acclamation among white-collars and students. Airwheel Z5 can take you away from the annoying traffic congestion and towards a greener future. These groups of people have strong sense of social responsibility. They are wary of the worsening environment and are more liable to accept untraditional green transportation vehicles. Z5 standing up electric scooter, with its trendy shape and practical functions definitely meet the current needs and two colors (white and black) are available.

Airwheel Z5

Airwheel Z5 has enhanced its user experience, with the detailed designing. Riders can only stand on the platform with the feet front and back. This is a very uncomfortable posture, especially for the little over weighted persons. So, Z5 foldable electric scooter is equipped with foldable pedals. Fold and unfold, simple and effective, make riding conform to riders’ habits and be more comfortable.

Airwheel Z5

After Airwheel team have made many comparison tests, the front tire is pneumatic tire, and the rear tire is solid tire. Also, shock absorption system has been added into the front wheel to ensure the smooth riding of Z5. Out of safety, the customized 8 inch tyres are designed to have better grip effect and ensure riders’ safety. The braking system of Z5 electric standing scooter is sensitive and efficient even on rough or slippery roads. As the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h, the efficient braking system matters a lot on the road. Also, Airwheel Z5 is equipped with bell, headlight and intelligent brake taillight.

Airwheel Z5

Airwheel is fully aware of how difficult it is to charge on the urban roads. Airwheel Z5’s battery pack is in a modular design. That is, riders can easily disassemble and replace the battery. It only takes a few seconds to finish it even if you have no operational ability. Commuters, with the vehicle can show off their individuality and shuttle through any roads. Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter meets the growing demands of travelers.

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