Jack and Jill Foundation celebrates Black Philanthropy Month with Community Investment Grant

National Foundation Jack and Jill of America Foundation located in Washington, D.C. is a philanthropic organization celebrating Black Philanthropy Month with its National Community Investment Grant that will enable its partner non-profits to empower African-American families, Education as well as Health & Wellness initiatives.

Washington, D.C. – August 19, 2016 – Since 2011, Black Philanthropy Month (BPM) has been a noble endeavor in the empowerment of the African American Communities and this August marks the 6th successful anniversary of the BPM. Upholding BPM’s spirit of African-descent giving, leading philanthropic organization Jack and Jill Foundation is celebrating the ongoing Black Philanthropic Month with its National Community Investment Grant.

The Grant extends a great opportunity for Jack and Jill Chapters nationwide to support the foundation’s 3 major Philanthropic focus zones: African-American families, Education as well as Health & Wellness. The Chapters are driven by this mission to influence an investment of 85,000 USD to local non-profit organizations that are serving to directly impact investments for local communities across the country.

Jack and Jill chapters has partnered with several non-profits in the community who have applied for the Grant and the winners are:

Project Link – Greater Tampa Chapter, FL

Family Connections NJ – Greater Essex Chapter, NJ

SEEDS NC – Durham Chapter, NC

St. Philips – Greater Frisco Chapter, TX

Emmaus House – Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter, GA

Metropolitan Family Services – Windy City Chapter, IL

Better Families – St. Louis Chapter, MO

The Foundation has already been congratulated by the Mayor of the District of Columbia, Muriel Bowser, for its observance of African-descent giving throughout the 2016 Black Philanthropy Month.

“I am delighted to extend my heartiest greetings to Jack and Jill of America Foundation in the Black Philanthropy Month. Your commitment to foster growth and strengthen kids through community service, chapter programming, legislative advocacy as well as philanthropic giving across Columbia District, is duly appreciated”, Muriel Bowser, Mayor.

A philanthropic unit of Jack and Jill of America, Inc, Jack and Jill Foundation is geared to take care of the burning issues affecting the African-American children & families – through active investments in services and programs designed to lay a robust foundation for the long-term prosperity of children.

“We are excited to take the baton in investing in services and programs which will create a powerful foundation for the long-term flourish of African-American children & families. Our new dedication to the concept of ‘Impact Philanthropy’ offers the chapters to meet ever-changing requirements of individual communities here – driven by this goal of changing African American communities for the better. We are hopeful that our National Community Investment Grant will enable local non-profit organizations to bring the much needed positive impact in the communities”, stated Pier A.H. Blake, the Executive Director of Jack and Jill Foundation.

As part of celebrating the 2016 BPM, the 48-year-old esteemed foundation stresses on backing families with parental education – with supports on several areas including financial literacy, parenting classes as well as workforce development. In regards to endeavors regarding accession to healthcare, Jack and Jill has planned services and programs for preventative health-care, building awareness, early diagnosis & obesity prevention.

Education is our another major focus and we are working towards committed investments in early childhood education and experiences through early literacy and solid early childhood experiences of the developmental milestones.” Dr. Shelley Cooper, Ed.D.

To know more about Jack and Jill Foundation and Black Philanthropy Month, please visit the official website at www.jackandjillfoundation.org


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