CooLifting Now Available at JL Skin Fitness

JL Skin Fitness continually strives to incorporate the latest solutions into its facial menu.

Founder Julie Lindh believes that the new CooLifting treatment encourages youthful glowing skin.

NEW YORK, NY – 18 Aug, 2016 – JL Skin Fitness announces the launch of a new skin therapy, CooLifting, as part of its facial menu. The system was developed by a European beauty company and has caught the attention of beauty and skin care expert, Julie Lindh, as a useful and simple face lifting treatment. In just five minutes, the patients may appear 10 years younger. Clients may enjoy the new treatment at the JL Skin Fitness Studio NYC starting September 01st, 2016.

“I’m constantly on the lookout for cutting edge therapies that will work for me and my clients,” said Julie Lindh, founder of JL Skin Fitness. “Adding CooLifting as part of my facial menu is going to extend the results of ageless-looking skin even further.”

CooLifting is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation technique, which creates a strong CO2 gas flow and a proprietary hyaluronate facial solution—made up of a high concentration of atomized actives—to be applied all over the face. Application is made at a low temperature with very high pressure. Specific areas treated are the forehead, cheeks, brows, lips area and eyes outline. The immediate lifting creates a lasting effect in which winkles are reduced and skin is smoothed and brightened.

The facial menu at JL Skin Fitness is based on four skincare principles: correct, repair, rejuvenate and preserve. The new treatment CooLifting fits within the beauty spa’s practice. It causes paradoxical vessel-motricity, in which blood vessels are alternatively constricted and expanded. A strong penetration is created by the solution through cryophoresis and barophoresis, and effects are exponentially increased. Treated skin experiences thermal shock, and underlying tissues are stimulated.

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About JL Skin Fitness:

Julie Lindh has been an expert skin care technician for more than 15 years. After almost a decade spent consulting top ranked day spas in the beauty industry and advocating top quality skincare solutions, she launched her own beauty business. Treatments and products provided fit within the beauty expert’s holistic approach, which includes a nutritionally balanced diet, cutting edge skin care services, facial muscle fitness and a positive outlook.

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