Ramessys and DeltaSoft complete integration of ChemCart and rms:anywhere™

WILMINGTON, DE – 18 Aug, 2016 – Ramessys, an emerging provider of enterprise-grade Digital Rights Management consulting and software products, and DeltaSoft, a company specializing in the design and development of software for research and development, announce a successful integration between the research repository, ChemCart, and rms:anywhere™.

Their shared customer (a global chemical and biosciences company) had a specific need to implement all the features, functionality and flexibility of the state-of-the-art ChemCart document library, yet allowing for document-level protection, encryption, and rights management for information assets as they leave the secure repository.

Together, the technical teams from Ramessys and DeltaSoft implemented a connector between ChemCart and rms:anywhere™, allowing the client to protect documents with the full security and dependability of Microsoft RMS security.

“It was a logical and value-adding proposition to work with the excellent team at DeltaSoft to integrate these two pieces of software into a seamless system for our customer,” says Tod Daniels, President of Ramessys.

“ChemCart is a secure central repository for storing, updating, and sharing research data,” says DeltaSoft President Mike Dippolito. “Now, when the security requirements for that valuable research data mandate document-level security outside the repository, we can leverage the rms:anywhere™ interface to deliver an end-to-end solution for our customers.”

DeltaSoft’s suite of ChemCart products deliver just-in-time functionality to your discovery research workflows that can be used as a complete “starter kit” to an informatics system, or as point solutions within an existing architecture. ChemCart products provide a web-based, configurable forms interface to chemistry and other research data. From any ChemCart application, users have access to structures/reactions, data, images, documents and files stored in the corporate repository.

Ramessys’s rms:anywhere™ brings Microsoft’s leading Rights Management Services (RMS) capabilities to non-Microsoft repositories and gives companies the ability to extend their identity management and data protection frameworks to all their key information stores. Featuring Input and Output Connectors, rms:anywhere™ is a hub for not only the protection of sensitive content, but also the distribution of this content. Acquire, Protect, Distribute.

Mike adds, “DeltaSoft is focused on meeting the needs of our customers, and we embrace any opportunity to partner with another company whose capabilities enhance our ability to deliver on our commitments to our customers.”

About DeltaSoft, Inc.

DeltaSoft, Inc. is a privately held company specializing in the design and development of software for research and development. Innovative commercial software and custom solutions such as Chemical Registration, Chemical Reagent Inventory, Electronic Lab Notebook, HTS, and Chemical/Biological Data systems have been developed by DeltaSoft for large and small corporations in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical sectors.

Further information is available at http://www.deltasoftinc.com

About Ramessys, LLC.

Ramessys, LLC. is a Delaware Limited Liability Corporation formed in 2015 that focuses on Digital Rights Management (DRM) — specifically Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS). We offer consulting services to help bring RMS to your enterprise Active Directory infrastructure and a compelling product, rms:anywhere™, that applies RMS capabilities to your non-Microsoft electronic document repositories.

Ramessys, LLC. was founded by Tod Daniels and Stewart Belsham, two business and technology professionals with over 40 years of combined corporate IT experience.

Ramessys is committed to helping their customers understand how to protect their sensitive data in a way that protects their competitive advantage by providing the tools, the knowledge, and the processes to improve their data protection security posture.

Read more about Ramessys, LLC. at http://www.ramessys.com

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