Top 10 SEO In Sydney Warn About The Dangers Of Rookie SEO Mistakes

Millions of websites each year are being damaged by negative SEO due to common rookie mistakes. A Sydney SEO company that helps business owners increase their traffic and Google ranking has put tips and advice together to avoid negative SEO.

A lot of small business owners still believe using a professional SEO company is expensive and as a result are using what is known as Black Hat SEO and buying links from sites that can seriously damage their website rankings with a possible ban from Google. However, Sydney Top 10 SEO, based in Sydney Australia who said professional SEO services are now much more affordable has put together some tips to avoid damaging the ranking of a website.

The SEO Company in Sydney has seen first-hand the damage that Black Hat SEO has caused websites. Due to their experience in rectifying the problems that Black Hat SEO cause they are often asked by business owners and IT departments to remove the damage. That is why Top 10 SEO in Sydney has decided to launch a campaign to make website owners aware of rookie mistakes that should be avoided.

Stuffing a Site With Bad Content

One of the biggest mistakes that website owners make is trying to fill a website with lots of content. They believe that by adding as much content as possible and not worrying about quality will drive traffic and improve Google ranking. Top 10 SEO in Sydney has said that is not the case and by adding content that has not been professional written and is not relevant will damage the website.

Senka from Top 10 SEO in Sydney said: “It is important when adding content to use professionally written content. The content has to be relevant to the reader and not stuffed with phrases to try and increase ranking in Google.”

According to the Sydney-based SEO company, a site that tries to fool Google with bad content could find itself receiving penalty points. That is why the SEO company advises their clients to always use professional writers.


Plagiarism has become a huge problem when it comes to SEO. A lot of companies who send emails to website owners saying how great their services are and how cheap they are use Black Hat SEO, which damage sites. According to Top 10 SEO in Sydney, some also use content from other sites.

“When using content from other websites, which is basically stealing the content it’s not only wrong but it can also result in Google banning the website,” says Senka from Top 10 SEO in Sydney.

The Sydney based SEO experts advise all websites owners to check their content and make sure it is unique and not copied from other sites. The SEO experts also advise website to check their content through Copyscape if they feel someone has stolen their content.

Top 10 SEO in Sydney are more than happy to receive phone calls from people who are worried about their websites and answer any questions they may have.

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