UN Atrocities Continue: Get UN Troops Out of US & Pro-UN Congress Out of Office, Says Author

PRESCOTT AZ – 19 Aug, 2016 – The UN was responsible for cholera that killed thousands of Haitians. The cholera in Haiti was “a perfect match” for a strain found in Nepal. Nepalese peacekeepers were staying in the UN camp and bad sanitation sent sewage from the camp into local waterways.

But the UN can’t be sued for their careless sewage and the US defends the UN since it’s headquartered in New York. U.N. officials are afraid that if the UN is held responsible for the cholera outbreak, it will be vulnerable to lawsuits around the world for actions of its peacekeepers. But why should the UN be unaccountable? asks Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on current events and Bible prophecy.

Cholera is just one dimension. Google “UN troops, child abuse” for a million results. Are they barbarians? Google “UN troops, rape” for 7.8 million results. Type “UN Failure” and Google auto-fills to suggest Bosnia, Rwanda, Somalia and Syria together making 15 million results…what a disaster in the face of desperate need.

Is this the future of the New World Order—Novus Ordo Seclorum on our $1 bill at the bottom of the pyramid? asks Ruhling, admitting the US is like Egypt, a polytheistic nation that no longer honors God or the Ten Commandments, in spite of them being enshrined over the Supreme Court entrance,

He says Bible prophecy uses political cartoons with beasts to represent major kingdoms. The first beast in the 13th of Revelation is an amalgamation of the four beast from Daniel 7, and it represents the papacy that survived the fall of the Roman Empire and other nations.

Its “deadly wound” (verse 3) was when Napoleon took the pope prisoner at the end of the Protestant Reformation, but the deadly wound has healed–even the Lutherans are now signing on to unity. 

Then the 13th of Revelation shows a lamb-like beast—gentle, peace-loving, symbol of Christ. Its horns had no crowns like previous beast, suggesting a government without a king and a church without a pope—Protestant America, says Ruhling, noting that a change occurs…

This beast brings fire from heaven (nuclear like Hiroshima?) and it speaks like a dragon (legislatively) as it makes an image (look-alike) to the previous papal Old World Order. New World Order is the image “beast” that will force false worship on all when no one can buy or sell without compliance, but the Bible also shows this will bring God’s wrath on those who go along to get along, says Ruhling citing the 14th of Revelation.

Further supportive detail is seen in the 17th of Revelation where a woman (representing the church) rides the beast of New World Order. The numerous clues like Rome being the city of seven hills, a wealthy church, decked in gold and scarlet (color of cardinals) and a “mother church” whose daughters no longer protest her and are therefore also “harlots”–these clues fit no other entity.

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