Xbox One Announces Six New Racing Games Coming Before Christmas

Centreville, VA – Xbox Racing Co has recently announced that Xbox gaming systems by Microsoft will be releasing six new racing games between now and Christmas. These titles, which include – F1 2016, Assetto Corsa, Nascar Heat Evolution, Forza Horizon 3, and WRC 6 – are much anticipated by Xbox gamers and racing game enthusiasts alike. One website,, helps players make the most of these and other racing titles through comprehensive reviews, as well as suggestions for the best racing wheels and other products which accompany each game.

The company,, expects to be busy in the coming holiday season as gamers and gift buyers begin looking into upcoming racing titles. The website will feature a new review for each game as it becomes available, a suggestion for the best complimentary gaming products such as racing wheels and pedals, as well as tips and guides which help players reach faster lap times. Not only that, but the company will have the newest accessories for sale through their website. reviews and sells racing wheels, racing stands, cockpits, audio accessories, and mods/add-ons for various Xbox racing games.

Owner and founder James R explains why he started the site, saying:, “Holding an Xbox controller never made me feel like I was close enough to the track or actually inside of the car’s cockpit. This started when I was playing Forza Motorsport 4 on the Xbox 360. While I loved the game and played every day, I just always felt like I wanted more…A LOT MORE! So when I upgraded to the Xbox One, I decided since I am an adult and I can do whatever I want, I wanted to race and feel like I am in the race. You can say what you want about the price or the quality of the Xbox racing wheels and all of the accessories that you can combine with them, but I am here to tell you definitively that if you are not using one of these products, then you are truly missing out on what the best Xbox racing games have to offer.” is the only sim racing site dedicated specifically to Xbox racing. The website’s primary goal is to help gamers figure out which racing wheels and pedals perform best for particular games, which products can be mixed and matched, and what is the best Xbox racing setup they can get within their budget. In addition, James also discusses other tips and tricks, such as  customizing a racing seat to add vibration or how to add a load cell to brake pedals. The website also has an online store to enable buyers to purchase directly from the website, ensuring that gamers are getting what they want and need to make their gaming experiences the best.

With the holiday season getting closer, and the release of most of the games for the year, gamers and gift buyers alike are finding websites like this one an invaluable tool for making purchasing decisions on new racing games and accessories. The recommendations at, are based on hours of usage and investigative research.

To get more information on all the new games and accessories, please visit the website,

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