Tonebloom™ enters the arts & crafts market with their Adhesive Vinyl 12″x12″ Sheets for young parents

LAS VEGAS, NV – 19 Aug, 2016 – Tonebloom™, a Likeseven LLC brand, with a debut that is sure to catch the attention of arts and crafts enthusiasts all around the world, has released their product Adhesive Vinyl 12”x12” Sheets – Complete Set One on Amazon, and it can be found at, with an SRP of $59.99 and an introductory price of $49.95.

A brand that is based on superior service experiences and high-quality crafts items, Tonebloom has introduced Adhesive Vinyl with the stated purpose of encouraging creativity and creating opportunities for productive and colorful fun. Tonebloom was founded by husband and wife team Tomas and Michaela Vasko. It is an arts and crafts brand that is aimed at young parents, Tonebloom wants young children to learn and to grow, and to have activities that they can do with their friends. Tonebloom has designed a product in Adhesive Vinyl that is perfect for the whole family: beautiful, simple, and always top-quality.

According to co-founder Michaela Vaskova, “Adhesive Vinyl is so much fun for our family, we knew that we couldn’t just keep it for ourselves. This is a product that begs to be shared, that begs to be used time and again no matter what your project is.”

Based in the USA, Tonebloom makes all of their products in the USA, although founders themselves live in Europe and they are fully transparent about this fact. They enjoy crafts more than anything else, and sharing both their lives and their values, they are a family that places much importance on kids, God, friends, parenting, smiles, flower, photography, and design. A company that is concerned more with positivity and principles than with profits, Tonebloom is now running a quantity sale as well: buy 3, get 7% off; by 2 get 3% off.

Tonebloom is all about quality service and quality products, and Likeseven LLC sees that both are maintained at all times. These sheets are made to last, with an outdoor lifetime that will run up to six years and beyond, better than the norm among these types of sheets. The secret is in the sourcing: the Adhesive Vinyl sheets are made with top-tier domestic materials in the USA, in support of American manufacturing and the American people. In order to sweeten the deal, Tonebloom has even thrown in a free bonus Glow-in-the-Dark sheet, patterned vinyl sheets (one stars and one stripes, perfect for decors based on the American flag), and an easy-to-understand instructions with printed rulers and an index of colors. Silhouette Cameo 3 and Circuit craft cutters are fantastically suited to Adhesive Vinyl.

Tonebloom stands out from the pack with their dedication to delivering their products in just-out-of-the-factory shape. To this end, the packaging for Adhesive Vinyl includes a sheet of cardboard in order to keep the items rigid and damage-free. You can be sure that when you receive your sheets of Adhesive Vinyl, there will be no bent edges and no unattractive creases.

Among people who are into crafting, this product is perfect. With the inclusion of four transfer tape sheets and detailed instructions, this set is the starter park that beginners needs – but it’s also just what seasoned veterans want as well. You can use it for DIY projects, scrapbooking, lettering, wedding invitations, vehicle decals, window graphics, tile graphics, outdoor signs, and so much more. Let your creative side run wild. Unleash the part of you that has something to say. In the future, more products will be introduced under the Tonebloom brand, and Adhesive Vinyl is just the beginning. Tomas and Michaela dream of ultimately selling their wares inside American brick-and-mortar stores such as Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby, and A.C. Moore. Big on relationships and big on being helpful, Likeseven is a company that cares.

Containing 24 luscious colors and glossy, matte, metallic, and glitter finishes, these Adhesive Vinyl sheets are perfect for crafts enthusiasts both old and young. You can create holiday decoration, set up for a party, and express yourself without stressing over clean-up because Adhesive Vinul is easy to maintain and super-durable. Most sheets are 3 mil thick, with the exception of Lavender, Light Bronze, and Starry Lagoon, which are 2 mil, and Glow-in-the-Dark, which is 10 mil. The set contains 4 sheets of transfer tape as well.

While other sets of adhesive vinyl are offered in the same, old, boring colors, this Adhesive Vinyl is vibrant and unique, with fund in mind at all times. All colors are selected very carefully.

Adhesive Vinyl is a product that is surely here to stay, but that is no reason to wait. Head over to Amazon and order your complete set today!

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