Syoptek International Introduces One Click Cleaner for Efficient Fiber Optic Cleaning

For fiber optic cleaning, maintenance and servicing Syoptek International’s One Click Cleaner and Fiber optic cleaning kit are now available at affordable prices.

There are several important tools that Syoptek International Limited has in its portfolio. Besides, they have introduced One Click Cleaner that is an efficient tool for cleaning connectors in adapters in a fiber optic network. The easy to use tool works on the mechanical push action and uses an optical grade cleaning tape to clean adapters. The cleaning tip of the cleaner rotates for an effective fiber end-face cleaning.

According to the spokesperson of the company, this is a must-have cleaning tool that all field technicians must carry to help maintain the cleanliness of the adapters in the fiber network. The tool can be inserted into the adapter for cleaning it gently and removing all blockades. They have different varieties of one-click cleaners that can clean a wide variety of connector types, including SC, ST, FC, E2000 and other connectors. One can simply push the cleaner inside the adapter until an audible ‘click’ sound is heard. The tool has a comfortable design to be easily carried in a shirt pocket, bag, or in hand.

Syoptek International Introduces One Click Cleaner for Efficient Fiber Optic Cleaning

Syoptek International specializes in developing Fiber optic cleaning tools that are efficient for cleaning contamination and troubleshooting fiber optical network. These tools are ergonomically designed for a precise and effective cleaning to avoid failure of the entire fiber optic system. These tools are effective in cleaning a variety of contaminants, such as dust and oils. The spokesperson reveals that the tools provide low cost per cleaning and can be used for cleaning connectors and jumpers to avoid any network outage or downtime.

The company also offers Fiber optic cleaning kit that is very efficient in cleaning and inspection of the fiber optic network. The kit contains the complete range of fiber cleaning products that one can easily carry in a hard-side carrying case. It has everything that a technician may need to clean or inspect a fiber optic network, including fiber optic inspection probe, one click cleaner, Optical Connector Cleaner, replacement reel and other products.

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Syoptek International Limited is a China based firm provides a comprehensive range of passive wdm components to suit every application.Syoptek’s Shenzhen factory is certificated by ISO9001:2008 with over 6,000 square meters manufacturing area and over 170 employees, with highly efficient production and international quality control system, hold strong R&D capability and first-class manufacturing process/test equipments.SYOPTEK provides you a full cost-effective fiber optic cleaning/inspection product line, which safely and effectively clean fiber optic connectors, dramatically decreasing network outage and downtime.

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