Brand New Skin Product Shop, AmaliaOnEarth, Offers Skin Care Treatment Solutions and Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Products is a brand new exclusive skin care product shop offering skin care treatment solutions, and anti-wrinkle beauty products. These include hand creams, pedicure scrubs, 5 in 1 facial beauty care massager, foundation, No Lipstick Lipstick, and exfoliating facial glow tonic.

Owners of Amalia On Earth are very optimistic about the company’s future success. The skin care treatment industry is expected steady growth in the coming years they explain. The owner’s optimism is supported by the latest industry statistics. According to a report published in 2015 by Marketline, the global skincare industry was worth $83.4 billion in 2014 and is forecast to grow to $113.2 billion by 2019, an increase of 35.8%. In addition, the industry is predicted to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% for the period 2014-2019.

Amalia On Earth aims to differentiate itself in the market by offering the highest quality products. This will be achieved by rigorously testing products so that skin care, anti-wrinkle creams, and other cosmetics are safe to use for customers. The manufacture of all of the company’s beauty products will involve sourcing the finest ingredients, oils, and fragrances that are completely natural and are of the highest possible quality. This will allow Amalia On Earth to avoid making products that contain harmful chemicals, artificial colorings or preservatives.

In addition, buyers of the company’s skin care and beauty products can seek advice from their customer services team about choosing the best cosmetics, skin care and anti-wrinkle creams that suit their needs and skin types. In order to realize this, Amalia On Earth is going to employ staff who are qualified and have considerable experience in the skin care industry. Staff will also go through a comprehensive training program so that they can become knowledgeable about the company’s products and be well equipped to give customers helpful advice.

In terms of marketing, Amalia On Earth will build brand awareness through creating engaging content across all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. YouTube, in particular, will be used by the company to upload product demonstrations videos.

Customer can find out more about beauty products on offer at

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