Creative Biogene, a leading supplier in Genomics and Proteomics Products, Issued Its New Updates

Holding a leadership in genomics and proteomics, Creative Biogene officially announced new products and services have been added to complement their sales line, including transfected stable cell lines, custom gene expression cell lines and CRE.

August 19, 2016 – Since its establishment, Creative Biogene is always adhering to its operating philosophy “quality, sincere and effectiveness”. Therefore, experienced staffs with relentless effort continuously develop new products and services to meet the changing market requirements. These newly-developed services and products will open a new era for its development course.

Transfected stable cell lines

Transfected stable cells lines, as widely known, hold the indispensable position in many applications, including target discovery, assay development, gene function analysis, target validation and compound screening, due to its specific gene over-expression or knock-down feature. However, with the rapidly increased demands, the amount of stable cell lines cannot meet all of them because of its time-consuming and expensive process. Considering this situation, Creative Biogene staffed by a team of professional personnels has the ability to generate enough stable cell lines and offer hundreds of stable cell lines to meet customers’ needs.

Custom gene expression cell lines

In many applications, the overexpression of proteins is important not only in studying the function of the gene, but also in functional assays and screens. Despite this, this also can be a challenge due to its requirements in extensive cell culture experience and expertise.

For many years of experience, scientists in Creative Biogene can develop gene overexpression cell lines as you customized. There is only one thing for customers – offering their own expression cassette or choosing from existed ORF clone collection.


Officially, it is called as Cyclization Recombinase. CRE from Creative Biogene has following features:

1. Cre recombinase cell is a 38 kDa DNA recombinase derived from the P1 bacteriophage.

2. With highly specific for a 34 bp DNA sequence found in P1 DNA.

3. Acting as a catalyst in site-specific recombination between two 34-base-pair LOXP sites.

4. Maintaining the phage genome as a monomeric unit-copy plasmid in the lysogenic state.

5. It is a homotetramer when bounds to DNA and belongs to the phage integrase family.

“It has been a long time since the last time we announced new products and services. These new products and services should impact and increase the marketing demands for Creative Biogeem on biotechnology.” said Dr. Johnson, a senior scientist in Creative Biogene.

With the increasing and fierce competition in the life science field, Creative Biogene has held and will always hold its commitment as an outstanding manufacturer and supplier to win praise from the majority of customers with its high-quality products and services.

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