Carry The Load had the participation of mental health professionals from Fundamental Foundations Counseling Center in Frisco, TX

19 Aug, 2016 – A team of mental health professionals from Fundamental Foundations Counseling Center in Frisco, TX volunteered at the Carry The Load event held recently. During this event, Shahidrah Cowgill, MA, LPC-S (clinical director), Mary Vixiasack, M.S, LPC-I, Marissa Hathaway, M.S, LPC-I, and Kathy Chavez, M.S, LPC-I, served as a presence for resources and emotional support for many veteran members of the armed forces.

Fundamental Foundations Counseling Center has helped many experience relief from conditions like Post Traumatic Stress, anxiety and depression.  The process of Emotional Recovery is nurtured by providing counseling and family support to help each person overcome various traumatic challenges.

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Carry The Load is a non-profit event that is held to restore the real meaning behind Memorial Day. This event offers many active ways for both helping and honoring the vast number of armed forces members including everyday heroes such as rescue personnel, first responders, fire fighters and law enforcement who have dedicated their lives to keep their communities safe from all kinds of threats. The event also features the national relay that is a bi-coastal relay event, which is held throughout the month of May and extends until Memorial Day. Also, many educational events, rallies and other such activities are held to provide excellent support to veterans and the first responders.

By serving during the event, counsel and emotional support for those wishing to discuss their personal challenges were made available in a safe, casual, and complimentary way to participants.

Shahidrah Cowgill, the Clinical director of Fundamental Foundations Counseling Center, is well known as a psychotherapist and family counselor based in Frisco, TX. She said that throughout her professional career, she has had the privilege of interacting with many clients from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. She and her staff have accomplished breakthrough results by helping many individuals, couples and families better understand their personal challenges, and discover tools to overcome their emotional and relational setbacks.

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The FFC Center offers both individual and family counseling to children, teens, and adults who wish to to take the next step to overcome their life challenges and make necessary changes to live more balanced and healthy lives.  

The desire to integrate community initiatives is at the core of The FFC Center’s mission. At our center, we help people by offering treatment for anxiety, acute stress, depression, trauma, grief, abuse, and life transitions through modalities such as of EMDR, CBT, person centered and other psychotherapy techniques.

By partnering with other community oriented organizations we are able to advocate and offer support for critical mental health issues, like suicide loss and caregiving for someone with dementia or a traumatic brain injury. These are a couple of the issues that impact our underserved community members and we strive to fill the gaps in those areas. 

About Shahidrah Cowgill: 

Shahidrah Cowgill, M.A, LPC-S is the clinical director at Fundamental Foundations Counseling Center in Frisco, TX.  She holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska Lincoln and earned her Masters in Professional Counseling at Argosy University in Dallas, TX. She has many years of expertise in the counseling field providing clinical services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families with complex mental health and relationship problems.   She and her colleagues frequently take part in events like Carry The Load to extend a helping hand and support to first responders and members of the armed forces.

To learn more about the FFC Center visit their website or call 214-475-0345 

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