“Magical Sichuan Cuisine” Drew to a Successful End

Sichuan Provincial Tourism Development Committee held “Magical Sichuan Cuisine” on July 1st, aiming at presenting the essence of Sichuan Cuisine to friends at home and abroad, thus enhancing their awareness of Sichuan as well as Sichuan Cuisine.

The event was performed on line in the initial stage. During the game of “Make authentic classic Sichuan cuisines with a given main ingredient and different auxiliary ingredients”, the participants experienced the myriads of changes in Sichuan Cuisine and saw profound mysteriousness of Sichuan Cuisine.

Besides, the event set a special reward mechanism, i.e. free visit to Sichuan Cuisine Museum and visit to famous Sichuan Cuisine restaurants and taste for delicacies by random selection. The lucky ones showed their desires that they themselves must experience the extensive and profound Sichuan Cuisine culture in the future.


It is known that the event had earned rave reviews upon its issue on line. There were even many netizens making all sorts of Sichuan cuisines by themselves in accordance with the recipe which was rewarded in the game, and showing their works on the Internet social media in succession.


The event of “Magical Sichuan Cuisine” drew a successful end on Aug. 18th. By extending Sichuan Cuisine culture to the experience of Sichuan cuisines’ making procedure, the event not only left people with deeper impression and charms of Sichuan Cuisine, but also presented the magical side of Sichuan. In Sichuan, besides giant pandas, there are more magical things waiting for you.

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