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19 Aug, 2016 – It is true that most of the people are not be happy with the regular account that they hold in a bank, as the same account cannot take care of your different needs or requirements. These days, people need a separate account for their salary, manage household expenses and for other purposes. However choosing the best current account in a reputed bank is a challenging task, as there are a number of banking institutions with endless account choices.

When checking out the site at, one would be able to find that the author writes his real life experience about terminating an existing account as it failed to fulfil his requirements and to cater to the growing banking demands right from his student years, employment period and as a family man. The author states that he was very well prepared to begin the hunt for a new bank account and began the process of researching. This research aims in helping the people to find the perfect current account that would cater to varied needs.

The site would inform the readers about the different types of current account and its importance. He tries to offer a clear explanation about the German banking system to help the first time user stay well informed before opening one. The current account for the students, which is available with zero account fees and requires cash receipt for transactions takes care of the banking demands of the students. The current account for travellers who make frequent trips abroad helps them draw money quickly through their ATM cards. The current account available for the self employed people and freelancers helps receive payments easily. The current account for employees helps receive a fixed sum as salary every month and get juicy premiums during reopening. The account for pensioners that help them to get the pension amount credited each month without having to make frequent trips to the bank.

One would be able to find the details of top 5 current accounts when clicking at the url The best 5 current account according to the author are the 1822direkt-Girokonto, which credits Euros after salary payments are done for a couple of months. This current account is for free and has 7.4% as the line of credit. The ING-DiBa current account is a perfect choice for bargain hunters and offers Euro bonus when opening the account and offers free Visa Card. The Consorsbank current account is offered for free and provides 10 cents for every debit. The Consorsbank current account has low margin at 7%, offers a massive 0.6% credit interest and free VISA. The Noris Bank current account does not have any hidden charges and is a best choice for users of all ages.


The site of offers the much needed help by informing the readers about the best 5 current accounts for this year 2016, after performing a series of tests and comparisons to offer the perfect guidance.

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