Marilyn Madden, author, launches her novel, Sixty Shades of Sociopaths: Who’s the meanest person you know?

MADISON, MS – 19 Aug, 2016 – Marilyn Madden, author, launches her novel, Sixty Shades of Sociopaths: Who’s the meanest person you know? 

This novel could literally save your life. The deepest, darkest secret of the human race is the millions of sociopaths living among us. They can be found among your family, friends, teachers, doctors, coaches, public officials, business men and women, children, and the list goes on.

A sociopath’s end goal is your misery. Your misery gives the sociopath a feeling of power and control, affirms their superiority and perpetuates the sociopathic supply they need to exist.

There is little public awareness concerning the most dangerous relationships on earth. It’s not the big bad wolf we should worry about so much as the big bad wolf in sheep’s clothing. For one thing, we can see the wolf and deal with what we see, but we cannot see the wolf in sheep’s clothing that causes us the most harm. Their agenda is always the same: mind games, control, stalking, power, pride, jealously, and manipulative behavior.

Sixty Shades of Sociopaths highlights the unique strength and lure of pathology and the devastating outcomes to the survivor. They enjoy the moment of the attack as their ultimate payoff; otherwise, it wouldn’t be rewarding. When you first meet a sociopath, you’ll find he/she to be the most charming person that you have ever met. They will make you believe you are special, and that they are your very best friend, but they will idealize, devalue and then discard you and on rare occasions may attempt to murder you.


As chillingly realistic as it is accurate, this book engages the reader with characters and situations that capture the heartlessness, entitlement, manipulation, attitudes of ownership, and remorseless exploitation of the true predators among us and the awareness and courage a victim must have to survive. Dr. George Simon, PhD Author, In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People, Character Disturbance: The Phenomenon of Our Age, The Judas Syndrome, How Did We End Up Here? And The 10 Commandments of Character: How to Lead a Significant Life (In Press).

Now, not all mean and selfish individuals are sociopaths or psychopaths. We all know that good people can do bad things, but sociopaths are different. Every person will probably meet one of these disordered monsters during their lifetime. Remember, their only goal is to destroy a person and the trail of destruction they leave is vast. They are all around us watching and waiting to find their next victim.

Sixty Shades of Sociopaths is available in print and e-book from or Sixty shades of sociopaths. Click on Kindle or Paperback. Also, check for the book in print at your local library, or ask your local acquisition librarian if they have licensed the e-book version.

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