Marijuana Shearline™ Original Bud Trimming Machine

The Shearline™ Original is the most sought after marijuana trimmer on the market and is currently being shipped worldwide to growers who demand quality, durability, and accountability. The Shearline™ Original is the relaunched brand of the powerhouse bud trimming machine created by Ryan Hall, the inventor of the first ever automated trimming machine. The most distinctive quality of The Shearline™ Original is the ease of keeping the blade clean, which is made out of D2 hardened steel. Unlike any other machine on the market, The Shearline™ Original employs a patent pending magnetic blade holding technology that allows for five minute clean-ups during operation, ensuring the machine has a consistently sharp, clean cut, and operates at a rapid pace.

Many people would say that the most labor intensive step in the production of cannabis is the harvest, and all would agree that it’s the most tedious. With the rise in popularity of trimming machines in the market, there has been a large interest from consumers to see quantitative numbers on trimming times and weights. Research has indicated that it takes an experienced trimmer 5.5 hours to trim 1lbs of cured product. From this data it can be assumed that a trimmer could trim roughly 1.5 lbs in an 8 hour workday. The Shearline™ Original Trimming machine can process 40 lbs of wet product in about a day, assuming the grower has the material prepped and ready to feed into the machine. This can all be accomplished by one person operating the Shearline™ Original. Think of all the labor hours that this machine has saved that can be used somewhere else to increase production.

Ryan Hall, owner and inventor of Shearline™ Original says, “Buds are sticky… great buds are even stickier, and this is one of the greatest challenges modern trimming machines face while trying to deliver a clean and tight cut on all sizes of buds. Some cutting machines have fixed blades that are impossible to clean, which allows the resin to build up, which in turn leads to a separation of the blade to cutting reel tolerance after a few hours of start-up. Basically that means that clean sharp cutting action of the blades is going to become a tearing, pulling process which leads to a fuzzy, unattractive dried product. It is also very rough on the trichrome that cover the best buds. Striving for a better final product and a better trimmer to meet that need has inspired me to invent what many have come to know as the best weed trimmer out there.”

With the Shearline™ Original, growers can increase their productivity and the quality of their crop. The secret is in the magnetic blade system that allows user to quickly clean the trimmer in minutes.

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