Doranix Produces Printers and Devices that Support Cheaper but Quality Printing of Medical Items and Medication Labels

Golden, CO – DoraniX is playing its part in ensuring the printing of quality medical items doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. The company is a leading manufacturer of Tyvek printers in addition to Tyvek medical labeling devices. The printers and labeling devices have made it possible to print various medical items without paying prohibitive rates. The devices support the printing of quality medication labels at cheaper rates. The tools are capable of creating more durable designs too. The company plays a crucial role in product identification.

Sam Bocetta of DoraniX offered a deeper explanation of what the company does. “For more than 8 years now, we have provided our expertise in the product identification business. We have created innovative printers as well as label printer-applicators that have reduced the cost of printing medication labels and other important medical items. Despite making the process cost-effective, this has not led to the printing of low quality material. Our machines print excellent materials. This is because we strive for quality and customer satisfaction at all times.”

Some medical items are now much easier to print directly by using the machines that DoraniX has created, include pouches and lids. Other materials include bags, apparel tags, blister pack backing and chipboards, as well as all types of flat products. However, some materials are impossible to print on directly. For such materials, Doranix has created the highly effective Label Printer-Applicators or LPAs. This caliber of printing is revolutionizing the medical industry. The company has developed products such as ThermaPrint 64, which can print on Tyvek.

The company designs and manufactures machines that are proving highly effective in boosting the provision of quality medical services and products. Their products, which include some of the most sought after integrated solutions, are in great demand from small to medium sized medical facilities. The larger medical facilities have demonstrated a massive interest in the work cells that the company manufactures too. Through the company, medical facilities are now able to customize some of their items, thus aiding their efforts at creating recognizable brand identity.

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