Thirty years old Nongshim Shin Ramyun, Worldwide No.1 Noodles brand

No.1 Noodles brand, Nongshim shin ramyun
Worldwide people love shin ramyun
100 countries selling books released in 1986

Nongshim sinchunho founder president of product development starts and was instructed to “Implement a spicy favorite Koreans.” The team experimented bought all varieties of peppers country. In addition to the spicy beef broth that Koreans liked the plan, they upset the market ‘product.

The team got a hint from seasoned minced noodles and unconventional Seolleongtang. If at the end of analyzing the chopped seasoning of famous restaurants he had finished the soup. After making 200 kinds of different sides to go with soup worth continuing the experiment and went to the ultimate taste.

Before the advent of the reaction product of in-house tasting was that “too spicy”. It was a mandatory product launches new president. Spicy because they believed I’d rather be a differentiator. The paste was named ‘Shin Ramen’ named after the god of the president. Ad, ‘Why are you crying man Crying the man’ is included ‘eat your favorite spicy minutes called’ ‘Warning castle’ with words and phrases that. October 1986 11 days Shin Ramen began sales this year celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Nongshim announced 17 days aggregated into the first half of this year, overseas sales grew 13% compared to 314.78 million US dollars (about 348.5 billion won) last year. There was great ball of Shin Ramyun overseas sales soared. Especially the dragging Shin Ramyun great popularity in China, local sales increased by 16.6% compared to the same period last year to $ 126.02 million (about 139.5 billion won). Nongshim official said analysis “deda expand the variety of events, such as Shin Ramyun in China Model Contest, Shin Ramyun cooking competition that spiral inland market were fruition.”

Shin Ramyun is currently being sold in more than 100 countries. Nongshim Ramyun noodles and kimchi order in the world market, grow potatoes, etc. If a “second Shin Ramyun ‘set up a goal. Nongshim said that “weapons are English and Hangul marked on the product packaging to emphasize that the Korea Food,” he said.

Shin Ramyun is flipped for the first time raised the cumulative sales of 10 trillion won to 10.6 trillion won in accumulated sales last year of the end of the domestic food industry a single product. Cumulative sales for more than 30 years, 28 billion. Released at the time of Samyang Ramyun 200 won (100 won), it is sung bath surface (120 W) which was expensive premium if the current MSRP of Shin Ramyun 780 won to go more. If Ottogi Jin (720 W), if  Samyang Foods (760 W), such as flagship products with little difference between the price of other companies.

Nongshim is expected to make up for sluggish sales in the domestic ramyun propaganda in the overseas market. Domestic market share in the second quarter of this year No. 1 Nongshim (April to June) sales were down 0.4% compared to the same period last year. In particular, domestic sales decreased by 5.6%. According to market research firm Nielsen Korea first half of last year was 59.2% market share declined to 51.3% this year. 2nd Ottogi raised its market share to 23.4%.

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